Staring observations of compact sources at 3.6um with ISOPHOT (II)

Ágnes Kóspál, Peter Ábrahám, Attila Moór

Konkoly Observatory, Budapest, Hungary
27 October 2005

The authors present a full catalogue of 269 ISOPHOT observations (291 measurements) of 181 compact objects. They were observed in staring mode with the P1 detector at 3.6 micrometer. The catalogue is split into two separated catalogues. Second one contains observations at two or more different wavelengths. The measurement at 3.6 micrometer has been re-processed for 237 observations of 179 compact objects.

The data set consists on:

The final photometric values are presented in the form of a catalogue that can be queried from the
ISO Data Archive.

A detailed report is available here.

List of caveats related to P1 staring observing mode corrected in this work: