A uniform database of 2.4-45.4 micron spectra from the ISO Short Wavelength Spectrometer

G.C. Sloan (Boston College, Cornell), K.E. Kraemer (Air Force Research Lab., Boston Univ.), S.D. Price (Air Force Research Lab.), R.F. Shipman (SRON)
2003, ApJS, 147, 379

The authors present a complete set of all valid SWS full-scan 2.4-45.4 µm spectra processed (from the last stage of the pipeline software) and renormalized in as uniform a manner as possible. The processing produces a single spectrum for each observation from the 288 individual spectral segments.

The paper is available from the ADS service.
Documentation describing the algorithm to generate the database is given here.
The programs used to generate the database are available here.

The paper by Kraemer et al., 2002, ApJS, 140, 389 present an infrared spectral classifications of nearly all of the SWS full-scan spectra.
The resulting catalogue can be queried from the ISO Data Archive.