Artist in Residence - pilot project
Mission: Art-Space Exchange



If you have arrived at this page it is probably because you have heard about the Mission: Art-Space Exchange research residency, a two-month residency focused on space science with opportunities to spend time with scientists at ESTEC, the European Space Agency's establishment in the Netherlands.  Since the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic may cause restrictions on international travel, the residency this year is restricted to artists resident in the Netherlands. Our hope is that future editions of the residency will be open to international participation.

Space science at ESA covers a very broad range of topics, as you can hear from the Director of Science in this video of highlights. For this pilot project, you can choose one the following two scientific themes: Worlds beyond our Solar System and Many colours, different views – revealing the invisible Universe. You can find out more about these in the theme resources page. 

A part of the residency involves partnering with Science Gallery Rotterdam to run two workshops with young adults (15-25 years of age). These workshops are a great opportunity to explore the themes of the residency with this young audience. This short video of the Toekomst baby's Workshop gives a flavour of a previous workshop.


We look forward to your submissions!

ESA facilitators: Karen O'Flaherty, Kate Isaak, & Mark McCaughrean

Science Gallery Rotterdam facilitators: Fred Balvert & Inger van Dijk

Curator: Claudia Schnugg