Wednesday 20 September 2023 – Room S8 (TBC)


Executive PI Meeting  




Johannes Benkhoff, Go Murakami





End of PI-Meeting



10:30 -11:00 Coffee break


Wednesday 20 September 2023 – Room "Aula"


Plenary Session – Part 4



MPPE MSB#1 results

Sae Aizawa


other results

 all teams


Report on recent publications

 all teams










13:30 – 19:00  Tour  

The tour is free of charge for registered SWT participants.

We will go by bus and cars to see some of the most beautiful castles in Westphalia (the area around Münster).


19:30 Team Dinner

Team dinner will be held at the "Zwei-Löwen-Klub zu Münster"

Adress: Am Kanonengraben 9, 48151 Münster.

You can "choose" one out of 3 nice menues (automatically done during registration

with meat as the baseline in case of no choise).

If you want to change your selection please send a mail to Iris Weber:



Westphalian wedding soup with

boiled beef, marrow dumplings, egg sticks and vegetables


Lupine (from east Westphalia) roast with

boiled potatoes, spinach leaves and

herb cream sauce (vegetarian)


Walleye fillet (= ‘Zander` belongs to the bass family) roasted on the skin with

boiled potatoes, leaf spinach and white wine sauce (fish)


Onion meat - Boiled beef with boiled potatoes

and classic (wedding) onion sauce (meat)


Stippmilch (a Westphalian form of yogurt) with red fruit jelly

We are still looking for a sponsor. If we don't find one -  bills needs to be paid individually (3 course menue ~ 40 Euro)