Acronym Description
AA Acronym

Authorization and Authentication.

ABSI Acronym

Archives Building Systems Infrastructure.

SGS Team

Angela Carasa


Archive Conventions.

ACS Acronym

Attitude Control System.

AD Acronym

Applicable document.

ADCS Acronym

Auxiliary Data Conversion System.

ADD Acronym

Architectural Design Document.

ADP Acronym

Acceptance Data Package.

AE Acronym

Archive Engineer (SGS Role).

AG Acronym

Archiving Guide.

AGC Acronym

Automatic Gain Control.

AGM Acronym

Attitude Generation Module.

AHS Acronym

Archive Handling Subsystem.

AI Acronym

Action Item.

AIO Acronym

Archives Interoperability system.

AIS Acronym

Archive Interface Subsystem.

AIT Acronym

Assembly, Integration, and Test.

AIU Acronym

AOCMS Interface Unit.

AIV Acronym

Assembly, Integration and Verification.

AM2P Acronym

Active Measurement of Mercury’s Plasma (sensor on MMO/PWI).

AME Acronym

Absolute Measurement Error.


Alan Macfarlane

Angular Offset Definition

The angle between the spacecraft +Z axis and the Nadir.

AOB Acronym

Any Other Business.

AOCMS Acronym

Attitude & Orbit Control Measurement System.

AOCS Acronym

Attitude and Orbit Control System.

AOS Acronym

Acquisition of Signal. Ground Communication.

APE Acronym

Absolute Pointing Error.

API Acronym

Application Programming Interface.

APID Acronym

Application Process Identifier (telemetry Packet ID).

APM Acronym

Antenna Pointing Mechanism (spacecraft system).

APME Acronym

Antenna Pointing Mechanism Electronics.

Applicable Document Definition

If a document is signed, the applicable documents are automatically recognized with its contents too. One refers to an applicable document by ADnn where nn is a consecutive number.

Apr Acronym


APR Acronym

Array Power Regulator.

AR Acronym

Anomaly Report.

Archive Interface Subsystem Definition

SGS subsystem which subsystem is used as a common and central mechanism for insertion/searching and retrieving data from the BepiColombo Archive (BACS and PSA).

Area of Interest Definition

This is a physical location on which science will be performed i.e. a landmark on the surface of the body or transition boundaries around the comet.

ARES Acronym

Operational Data Off-Line Analysis, Correlation And Reporting System.

ARTS Acronym

Anomaly Report Tracking System (ESOC System).

AS Acronym

Archive Scientist (SGS Role).

ASCII Acronym

American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

ASI Acronym

Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.

Astronomical Unit Definition

It is a unit of length now defined as exactly 149597870700 metres (about 93 million miles), or roughly the mean Earth–Sun.

ATB Acronym

Avionics Test Bench.

ATTC Acronym

Absolute Time tagged TeleCommand.

Attitude & Orbit Control Measurement System Definition

Control system onboard to change the attitude and to measure it.

Attitude and Orbit Control System Definition

Control system onboard to change the attitude and position of the spacecraft and to measure it.

AU Acronym

Astronomical Unit.

Aug Acronym


BACS Notification Handler Definition

SGS component, part of BIS, used to get notifications generated by the BACS

BACS Acronym

BepiColombo Archive Core Subsystem.

Baseline Definition

A specification that has been formally reviewed and agreed upon, that thereafter serves as the basis for further development or change and that can be changed only through formal change control mechanisms.

BBIM Acronym

BMOC-BSOC Interface Meeting.

BC Acronym


BCR Acronym

Battery Charge Regulator (spacecraft system) .

BDB Acronym

BACS Database.

BDD Acronym

BACS Data Distribution.

BDR Acronym

Battery Discharge Regulator.

BELA Acronym

BepiColombo Laser Altimeter.

BepiColombo Archive Core Subsystem Definition

SGS subsystem which is the central archive for all the BepiColombo input and output data and includes all the input information necessary to perform the science operations activities (science planning and data processing).

BepiColombo Mission Operations Centre Definition

It is responsible for controlling the spacecraft. It accepts the science operations requests in the form of a POR file and consolidates them with the spacecraft operations. It is physically located at ESOC in Darmstadt, Germany.

BepiColombo Science Operations Centre Definition

It is responsible for the Payload Operations. It accepts the observations requests in the form of an ITL file from the PIs and consolidates them with the Payload operations. It is physically located at ESAC in Madrid, Spain.

BepiColombo Science Operations Control System (BSCS) Definition

It refers to the ESA BepiColombo SGS operational systems, including the BACS.

BERM Acronym

BepiColombo Environment Radiation Monitor.

BEX Acronym

BACS Extractor.

BFTPA Acronym



BACS Import.

BIN Acronym

BACS Ingestor.


BACS Ingest.

BIR Acronym

Bright gamma-ray line intensities.

BIS Acronym

see AIS

BMCS Acronym

BepiColombo Mission Control System.

BMOC Acronym

BepiColombo Mission Operations Centre.

BNH Acronym

BACS Notification Handler.

Boresight Definition

The centre line of the Field of View of an instrument.

BOT Acronym

Beginning Of Track (ground communications).

BPS Acronym

BACS Product Store.

BQM Acronym

BACS Query Manager.

BSA Acronym

BACS Stage Area.

BSCS Acronym

BepiColombo Science Operations Control System.

BSDB Acronym

BepiColombo System Data Base.

BSM Acronym

Bus Support Module (spacecraft system).

BSOC Acronym

BepiColombo Science Operations Centre (aka SGS).

BST Acronym

BACS Statistics Tool.

BURD Acronym

BACS User Requirements Document.

BWS Acronym

BepiColombo Web Subsystem.

BWUI Acronym

BACS Web User Interface.

C-SODA Acronym

Centre for Science satellite Operation and Data Archive (at SSOC).

CaC Acronym

Cost at Completion.

CAP Acronym

Cruise Activity Plan.

CAS Acronym

Central Authentication Service.

CAV Acronym

Command Acceptance Verification.

CC Acronym


CCB Acronym

Configuration Control Board (see also Mission Phase Definition)

CCD Acronym

Charge Coupled Device. VIS/NIR sensor in cameras and spectrometers.

CCIG Acronym

Cold Cathode Ion Gauge.

CCR Acronym

Configuration Change Request.

CCSDS Acronym

Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems.

CCV Acronym

Configuration Control Version.

CD Acronym

Compact Disk.

CDF Acronym

Common Data Format (MMO instruments format data).

CDR Acronym

Critical Design Review.

CEB Acronym

Cebreros Station.

CEL Acronym

Control Error List.

CEV Acronym

Command Execution Verification.

CFDP Acronym

CCSDS File Delivery Protocol.

CFRB Acronym

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic.

CI Acronym

Configuration Item.

CIDL Acronym

Configuration Items Data List.

CIS Acronym

Common Infrastructure Subsystems.

CIU Acronym

Central Interface Unit.

CK Acronym

Camera Matrix Kernel (SPICE: file defining orientation).

CLB Acronym


CLI Acronym

Command Line Interface.


Configuration Management.

SGS Team

Claudio Muñoz

CMD Acronym

Center of Mass determination. (RSI operational procedure).

CMEF Acronym

Consolidated Mission Event File.

CMM Acronym

Centralized Memory Module. (Contains PROM and SGM).

CMP Acronym

Configuration Management Plan (documentation).

CNR Acronym

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche.

CNRS Acronym

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.

CO Acronym

Controller (SGS Role).

COB Acronym

Consolidated Observation.

CoCo Acronym

Configuration Control.

Command Request Interface Document Definition

Written by the OGS, defines the formats for the input data for spacecraft commanding, e.g.the POR format, FDR files, etc.

Command Request Response Definition

Acknowledge that a file has been successfully submitted to FTS.

Command Sequence Definition

Group of telecommands executed in a fixed sequence and that are triggered by a single telecommand.

Commercial Off The Shelf Definition

Item that is commercially available, leased, licensed, or sold to the general public and which generally requires no special modification or maintenance over its life cycle in the target environment. However, some customisation(tailoring) is often required, apart from configuration of the item.

Common Infrastructure Subsystems Definition

SGS Subsystem which includes the common infrastructure and functionalities used by the rest of BSCS subsystems.

Concurrent Versioning System Definition

A software tool (freeware) for configuration control. It is available from At RSSD, a CVS server has been set up on the Planetary Science Operations computer system - it can accessed using any CVS client from inside RSSD.

Configuration Change Request Definition

A request for change to a configuration baseline.

Configuration Control Definition

The coordinated activities performed for controlling modifications to a configuration baseline.

Configuration Item Definition

Aggregation of hardware, software, processed materials, services or any of its discrete portions, that is designated for configuration management and treated as a single entity in the configuration management process. A configuration item can contain other configuration item(s).

Configuration Items Data List Definition

List of items under configuration control, thus documentation, source code, tools, etc.

Configuration Library Definition

Database repository for controlled items. Known also as CMDB: Configuration Management Database.

Cost at Completion Definition

Cost at Completion is the total cost for a mission from the beginning to the end.

COTS Acronym


CPDU Acronym

Command Pulse Distribution Unit.

CPU Acronym

Central Processing Unit.

CR Acronym

Change Request.

CReMA Acronym

Consolidated Report on Mission Analysis.

CRID Acronym

Command Request Interface Document.

CRP Acronym

Contingency Recovery Procedure (defined in the FOP).

CRR Acronym

Command Request Response.

CSG Acronym

Computer Support Group.

CSPL Acronym

Consolidated Scenario Parameter List.

CSV Acronym

Comma Separated Value.

CUV Acronym

Command Uplink Verification.

CVP Acronym

Mission phase - Commissioning phase.

CVS Acronym

Concurrent Versioning System.

CWG Acronym

Calibration Working Group.

d2n Acronym


DAB Acronym

Director Approval Board.

DAF Acronym

Detailed Agenda Files.

DAgF Acronym

Data Agenda File.

DAO Acronym

Data Access Object.

DARC Acronym

EGOS Engineering Data Archive.

DARTS Acronym

Data ARchives and Transmission System (JAXA Long term archive).


Data Acquisition Subsystem.


Data Analysis Scientist (SGS Role).

Data Acquisition Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem which is used for the retrieval of telemetry packets, telemetry parameters and auxiliary files from the OGS EDDS, and the creation of the associated metadata, needed for BACS ingestion.

Data Agenda File Definition

Files in BMOC containing TCs ready to be uploaded.

Data flow tests Definition

The aim of these tests is to validate the integrity of the data communications interfaces between the control centre and the ground stations.

Data Item Definition

each individual piece of information used or generated by BSCS subsystems during its operation. Each data item has a associated file and a set of attributes (metadata).

Data Processing Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem which is responsible for converting telemetry data into PDS-formatted science and auxiliary products, preparing it for ingestion into the BACS and for distribution to the MPO Instrument Teams and, after the proprietary period, to the scientific community.

Data Systems Manager Definition

The Data Systems Manager is responsible for the specification, development, implementation, integration, testing and routine maintenance of all software and hardware pertaining to the Project ground data processing, in accordance with user requirements.

DB-SC Acronym

Dual-Band Search Coil (on MMO/PWI).

DB Acronym


DCA Acronym

Dedicated Control Area.


Dedicated Control Room.


Document Change Request.

DD Acronym

Detail Design.

DDD Acronym

Design Document.

DDID Acronym

Data Delivery Interface Document.

DDOR Acronym

Delta Differential One way Ranging (improved ranging method).

DDS Acronym

Data Distribution System (or Data Dissemination System).

Dec Acronym


DEC Acronym


Dedicated Control Area Definition

Area used during all non-critical mission phases for the monitoring and control functions.

Dedicated Control Room Definition

Part of the DCA that can be shared with other missions.

Dedicated Support Area Definition

Area used during all non-critical mission phases for the monitoring and control functions.

DEM Acronym

Digital Elevation Model.

Derived Pointing Definition

Derived Pointings allow to define a spacecraft attitude relative to another attitude.

DFT Acronym

Data flow tests.


Daniel Galan.

SGS Team

Daniel Galan

DGVA Acronym

Science Data Generation, Validation and Archiving Plan (documentation).

DHA Acronym

Data Handling and Archiving.

DHAWG Acronym

Data Handling and Archiving Working Group.

DHCP Acronym

Dynamic Host Connection Protocol.

DHSU Acronym

Data Handling and Support Unit.

DI Acronym

Data Item.

DIT Acronym

Data Item Type.

DL Acronym


DM Acronym

Development Manager (SGS Role).

DMAP Acronym

Data Management and Archive Plan.

DMP Acronym

SGS Development Management Plan (documentation).

DMS Acronym

Data Management System. Spacecraft onboard computer.

DMZ Acronym

Demilitarized Zone.

Document Change Request Definition

The objective of a Document Change Request is to collect the information that formally defines a proposed change versus the existing information in the document.

DOT Acronym

Doppler Tracking (radio science operational procedure).

Downlink Profile Definition

Science data volume over downlinked over time. Used to provide science data downlink actually available for a period and science data planned downlink for a period.

Downlink Definition

Transfer of telemetry from spacecraft to ground.

Download Definition

Transfer of data between elements of the ground segment.

DP Acronym

Data Pack.

DPA Acronym

Data Processing Agreement (documentation).

DPC Acronym

Data Processing Chain.

DPCM Acronym

DPS Controller and Monitor.

DPDF Acronym

DPS Data Feeder.

DPFI Acronym

DPS Finaliser.

DPIA Acronym

Data processing Interface Agreement.

DPPA Acronym

DPS Pipeline Archetype.

DPPS Acronym

DPS Product Sender.

DPS Acronym

Data Processing Subsystem.

DPT Acronym

Data Processor Task

DPU Acronym

Data Processing Unit


Design Review.


Drawing. LiveLink document classification.

DRV Acronym


DS3 Acronym

Deep Space Antenna 3.

DS Acronym

Development Schedule (documentation).

DSA Acronym

Dedicated Support Area.

DSM Acronym

Data Systems Manager.

DSN Acronym

Deep Space Network.

DTD Acronym

Documentation Tree Document (documentation)

DTM Acronym

Digital Terrain Model.

DVD ROM Acronym

Digital Video Disk Read Only Memory.

DVD Acronym

Digital Versatile Disk.

DVP Acronym

Data Volume Profile.

E2e Acronym

End to End.

EAICD Acronym

Experiment to Archive Interface Control Documents.

EAT Acronym

Engineering Acceptance.

ECC Acronym

ESTRACK Control Centre.

ECSS Acronym

European Cooperation for Space Standardization.

EDAC Acronym

Error Detection and Correction.

EDDS Acronym

EGOS Data Disposition System.

EDF Acronym

Experiment Description File.

EEPROM Acronym

Electrically Erasable Read Only Memory.

EFD Acronym

Electric Field Detector (sensor on MMO/PWI).

EFOR Acronym

Experiment Flight Operations Review. Review.

EGOS Data Disposition System Definition

The EDDS provides controlled access to mission data for users who do not have access to the MCS monitoring and control facilities.

EGOS Acronym

ESA Ground Operation System. Infrastructure SCOS-2000.

EGSE Acronym

Electrical Ground Support Equipment.

EID-A Acronym

Experiment Interface Document Part A.

EID-B Acronym

Experiment Interface Document Part B.


Event Identifier.


Experiment Interface Document.

EIT Acronym

External Elements Integration Tests.

EK Acronym

Events Kernel (SPICE file defining events).

Electrical Ground Support Equipment Definition

Typically one or more PCs that are used to operate the experiment.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Definition

Standard test in space engineering. If one experiment influences another one due to electromagnetic interference, it did not pass the EMC test.

EMC Acronym

Electromagnetic Compatibility.

EME Acronym

Earth Mean Equator (reference frame).

EMS Acronym

ESTRACK Management System.

ENA Acronym

Energetic Neutrals Analyzer (on MMO/MPPE)

Engineering Acceptance Definition

The purpose of engineering acceptance testing is to demonstrate conformance to specification and to act as quality control screens to detect manufacturing defects, workmanship errors, the start of failures and other performance anomalies, which are not readily detectable by normal inspection techniques.

Engineering and Qualification Model Definition

The model of the spacecraft and/or the experiment which is representative of the electrical properties and can be used for qualification purposes.

EOID Acronym

Experiment Operations Interface Document (obsolete).

EOM Acronym

End of Mission.

EOMC Acronym

End of Mercury Commissioning.

EOSM Acronym

End of Science Mission.

EOT Acronym

End Of Transmission.

EP Acronym

Electric Propulsion.

EPCM Acronym

Electrical Propulsion Control Mode (AOCS).

EPP Acronym

Electrical Propulsion Phase (AOCS).

EPS Acronym

Experiment Planning System.

EQM Acronym

Engineering and Qualification Model.

ERT Acronym

Earth Reception Time.

ESA Acronym

European Space Agency (

ESAC Acronym

European Space Astronomy Centre (

ESD Acronym

ElectroStatic Discharge.

ESDC Acronym

ESAC Science Data Centre (known as SAT in the past)

ESOC Acronym

European Space Operations Centre (

ESS Acronym


ESTEC Acronym

European Space Technology Centre (

ESTRACK Control Centre Definition

This is a multi-mission service in charge of the supervision and control of the ESA ground stations and communications network.


ESA Tracking Stations Network.

ETB Acronym

Engineering Test Bed.

ETL Acronym

Extract, Transform, Load.

European Space Agency Definition

The European Space Agency coordinates the European space program. The ESA web site can be found at

EUV Acronym

Extreme Ultra Violet.

Event Identifier Definition

There are three major EIDs: The EID-A describes the interface requirements from the ESA Project to the PI teams. The EID-B is the answer by the PI, describing the interface requirements from the experiment to the spacecraft. The EID-C is an appendix to the EID-A giving tables and form sheets that need to be filled out by the PI teams.

EWO Acronym

Electric Field Detector, WaveForm Capture and Onboard Frequency Analyser (sensor on MMO/PWI).

Experiment Description File Definition

Part of SGS planning software, used to model the experiment. Contains a list of possible experiment TCs and TC sequences.

Experiment Planning System Definition

Software tool of the SGS to consolidate the experimenter Operational Request files.


External Documentation. LiveLink document classification.


Mission phase: Extended mission.

External Elements Integration Tests Definition

The objective of ground segment integration test is to establish confidence that two or more assembled elements are capable of functioning together, i.e. satisfying all relevant interface requirements.

FAR Acronym

Flight Acceptance Review - Spacecraft review.

FARC Acronym

EGOS File Archive (virtual file store).

FCE Acronym

Failure Control Electronics.

FCP Acronym

Flight Control Procedure.

FCT Acronym

Flight Control Team.

FD Acronym

Flight Dynamics.

FDDB Acronym

Flight Dynamics Database.

FDIR Acronym

Failure Detection Isolation and Recovery.

FDM Acronym

Flight Dynamics Manager.

FDR Acronym

Flight Dynamic Request Files.

FDRC Acronym

Flight Dynamics Requirements Compilation.

FDROR Acronym

Flight Dynamics Routine Operations Room.

FDS Acronym

Flight Dynamics System (SW used by the FDT).

FDT Acronym

Flight Dynamics Team (group at OGS which is responsible for Flight Dynamics).

Feb Acronym


FIB Acronym

Flexible Instrument Buffer.

FIDES Acronym

Files Disseminator for EGOS Stations.

File Transfer System Definition

The SGS FTS is the computer located at ESOC, which receives the input files from the Experiment teams.

FITS Acronym

Flexible Image Transport System.

FK Acronym

Frame Kernel (SPICE file defining frames).

Flight Control Procedure Definition

A piece of paper listing a number of telecommands and telemetry checks to perform a certain operation onboard the spacecraft. The FCP is executed manually. All FCPs are collected in the Flight Operations Plan (FOP). From FCPs, Telecommand Sequences can be generated (by leaving away the TM checks).

Flight Control Team Definition

The group at the OGS which is responsible for spacecraft control.

Flight Dynamic Request Files Definition

These are the files sent from the Flight Dynamics Team (FDT) to the Flight Control Team to request attitude manoevres, trajectory manoevres.

Flight Operation Plan Definition

A document produced by the OGS giving an overview over the planning of the complete mission. It also contains all Flight Control Procedures (FCP) which are in the Database.

FM Acronym

Flight Model.

FMECA Acronym

Failure Mode Effects Criticality Analisys.


Francisco Ocaña

FOD Acronym

Flight Operations Director.

FOP Acronym

Flight Operation Plan.

FOV Acronym

Field of View

FTE Acronym

Full Time Equivalent.

FTP Acronym

File Transfer Protocol.

FTS Acronym

File Transfer System.

FUV Acronym

Far Ultra Violet.


Fran Vallejo

FWM Acronym

Filter Wheel Mechanism.

GDDS Acronym

Generic Data Disposition System.

GDP Acronym

Generic Data Pipeline.

GFTS Acronym

Generic File Transfer System.

GIS Acronym

Geographic information System

GOE Acronym

Ground Operations Engineer (SGS Role).

GR Acronym

General Relativity.

GRID Definition

Grid computing is the collection of computer resources from multiple locations to reach a common goal. The grid can be thought of as a distributed system with non-interactive workloads that involve a large number of files

GS Acronym

Ground Station.

GSM Acronym

Ground Segment Manager.

GSMS Acronym

Ground Station Management System.

GSP Acronym

General Studies Program.

GSSTP Acronym

Ground Segment System Test Plan.

GST Acronym

Ground Segment Team.

GUI Acronym

Graphical User Interface

HCI Acronym

Human Computer Interface.

HDR Acronym

Spacecraft review - Hardware Design Review.

HDRM Acronym

Hold Down Release Mechanism.

HEP Acronym

High Energy Particle instrument for electron (on MMO/MPPE)

HGA Acronym

High Gain Antenna.

HK Acronym

House Keeping (Telemetry).

HO Acronym


HP Acronym

Hardware Plan.

HRIC Acronym

High Resolution Imaging Channel.

HTML Acronym

HyperText Markup Language.

HTTP Acronym

Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

HW Acronym


I/F Acronym


IAS Acronym

Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale.

IASF Acronym

Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale e Fisica Cosmica.

ICD Acronym

Interface Control Document.

ICO Acronym

Instrument Checkout.

ID Acronym


IDP Acronym

Input Data Pack.

IDS Acronym

Information Distribution Service (onboard the spacecraft).


Infrastructure (SGS Role).



IFMS Acronym

Intermediate Frequency Modulation System.

IFSI Acronym

Istituto di Fisica dello Spazio Interplanetario.

IGEP Acronym

Institute fur Geophysics and Extraterrestrial Physic.

IGST Acronym

Integrated Ground-Space Test.

IK Acronym

Instrument Kernel. SPICE file defining instruments.

IMF Acronym

Interplanetary Magnetic Field.

IMP Acronym

Inertial Measurement Package. 3 gyros + 3 accelerometers (there are 3 IMP) to measure the spacecraft attitude.

IMU Acronym

Inertial Measurement Unit. 3 gyros + 3 accelerometers (there are 3 IMP) to measure the spacecraft attitude.

INAF Acronym

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica.

INERT Definition

Pointing mode - Inertially fixed pointing .

Inertial Measurement Package Definition

3 gyros + 3 accelerometers (there are 3 IMP) to measure the spacecraft attitude.

Inertial Measurement Unit Definition

3 gyros + 3 accelerometers (there are 3 IMP) to measure the spacecraft attitude.

Inertial Pointing Definition

Inertial pointing is used to define a spacecraft pointing that is fixed in space, and that fulfils the following conditions:

  • a spacecraft axis is pointed towards an inertial target.
  • the remaining degree of freedom in the spacecraft attitude is determined by a phase angle from a reference inertial direction to another spacecraft axis.
  • the SC axis and reference inertial direction used to define the phase angle shall not be parallel to the spacecraft pointed axis and target direction.
Input timeline Definition

This is one of the input files used by the Experiment Planning System ([[#EPS|EPS]]). In the ITL file, the operational requests of the experiment teams are written down. The basic syntax is as follows: time of a request or event with delta time, name of the experiment, mode of the experiment, mnemonic of the telecommand, parameters.

INSLW Definition

Pointing mode - Slewing between two inertial positions .

Interface Control Document Definition

An ICD describes the interface between two parties and shall be signed by both parties.

Interface Definition

Functional and physical characteristics required for a common boundary to exist between two or more software products and computer systems that are provided by different organisations or sources.

Intermediate Frequency Modulation System Definition

HW in reception antennas.

International Atomic Time Definition

UTC + leapseconds.


Inaki Ortiz de Landaluce.

SGS Team

Inaki Ortiz de Landaluce

IOS Acronym

Instrument Operations Scientist (SGS Role).

IP Acronym

Internet Protocol.

IPC Acronym

Instrument Pipeline Recipe

IPDA Acronym

International Planetary Data Alliance.

IPOD Acronym

In-Orbit Payload Operations Description Document.

IPR Acronym

Intellectual Property Rights.

IR Acronym

Implementation Review.

IRD Acronym

Interface Requirements Document.

IRR Acronym

Inspection Review Record (documentation).

IS Acronym

Inaki Serraller.

ISA Acronym

Italian Spring Accelerometer.

ISAS Acronym

Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.

ISDN Acronym

Integrated Service Data Networks.

ISO Acronym

International Organization for Standardization.

IST Acronym

Integrated Satellite Tests.

ISV Acronym

Independent Software Validation.

IT Acronym

Instrument Team.

ITL Acronym

Input timeline.

ITT Acronym

Invitation To Tender.

IVOA Acronym

International Virtual Observatory Alliance.

IWF Acronym

Institut für Weltraumforschung. (Space Research Institute) in Graz (

Jan Acronym


JAXA Acronym

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.


Johannes Benkhoff


Jonathan Cook

JDT Acronym

Job Definition Table.


Javier Espinosa


Julio Gallegos

JPL Acronym

Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The JPL web site is at

JST Acronym

Job Status Table.

Jul Acronym


Jun Acronym



Joe Zender

Ka-band Definition

The Ka band covers the frequencies of 26.5–40 GHz, i.e. wavelengths from slightly over one centimeter down to 7.5 milimeters.

KAL Acronym

Keep Alive Line.

KM Acronym

Knowledge Management.

KO Acronym


LA Acronym


LAN Acronym

Local Area Network.

LaS Acronym

Launch System.

Latching Current Limiter Definition

Power distribution and payload and spacecraft systems on spacecraft.

Latency of science data Definition

Latency is the time between the telemetry packet generation on-board and the telemetry reception on ground

LATMOS Acronym

Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales.

Launch System Definition

Branch of SGS system that will be ready at time of BepiColombo launch.

LCL Acronym

Latching Current Limiter.

LDAP Acronym

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol.

LDE Acronym

Lead Development Engineer.

Leapsecond Definition

Due to unpredictable variations in the Earth's rotation speed, UTC and UT1 might get out of sync.


Launch and Early Orbit Phase.


Low-Earth Operations.

LESIA Acronym

Laboratoire d'études Spatiales et d'instrumentation en Astrophysique.

LF-SC Acronym

Low-Frequency Search Coils (on MMO/PWI).

LHS Acronym

Log Handling Subsystem.

LI Acronym

List. LiveLink document classification.

LID Acronym

Logical Identifier.

LIDVID Acronym

Versioned Logical Identifier.

LIMB Definition

Pointing mode - Limb pointing.

LIMBOF Definition

Pointing mode: Limb pointing with offset .

Line of Sight Definition

A vector which defines the direction between an instrument boresight and a target.

LIT Acronym

Listen-In Test.

LL Acronym


LM Acronym

Launch Mode. Spacecraft mode.

LOC Acronym

Lines of Code.

LofA Acronym

List of Acronyms.

Log Handling Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem includes all the mechanisms for collecting, logging and distributing log events generated by the rest of the BSCS subsystems.

LOS Acronym

Loss Of Signal. Ground communications.

LRR Acronym

Launch Readiness Review.

LS Acronym

Liaison Scientist.

LSAP Acronym

Liaison Scientist Activity Plan (documentation).

LSK Acronym

Leapsecond Kernel (SPICE file used for time conversions).

LTA Acronym

Long Term Archive.

LTAN Acronym

Local Time at Ascending Node.


Long Term Plan.


Long Term Planning.

MaC SGS Team

Marian Cuevas

MAC Acronym

Milestone Achievement Confirmation.

MAPPS Acronym

Mapping and Planning Payload Science.

Mar Acronym


MARR Acronym

Mercury Arrival Readiness Review.

MATIS Acronym

Mission Automation System.

MAVEN Acronym

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution

May Acronym



Mark Bentley


Mercury Commissioning.

SGS Team

Mauro Casale

MCB Acronym

Mechanism Controller Board.


Main Control Room. Operational interface.


Memory Check Request. Operational interface.

MCRR1 Acronym

Mission Commissioning Results Review.

MCRR2 Acronym

Mercury Orbit Commissioning Results Review.

MCRR Acronym

Mission Commissioning Results Review. Review.


Mercury Composite Spacecraft.


Mission Control System (spacecraft operation system).

MDM Acronym

Mercury Dust Monitor (on MMO)


Mission Design Review


Memory Dump Request. Operational interface.

MDS Acronym

Mission Data Systems.

MEA Acronym

Mercury Electron Analyzer (on MMO/MPPE).


Mercury Electric Field In-Situ Tool (on MMO/PWI)

MEM Acronym

Memo. LiveLink document classification.

MEMCS Acronym

MEX Mission Control System.

MEPS Acronym

Micro Electric Propulsion System.

Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter Definition

The MMO is a spin-stabilized spacecraft to be placed in a 400 x 12000 km altitude polar orbit with its spin axis nearly perpendicular to the equator. The MMO operational lifetime will be at least one Earth year. MMO accommodates 5 instruments/instrument packages mostly dedicated to the study of fields, waves and particles in the environment of the planet.

Mercury Planetary Orbiter Definition

The MPO is a three-axis-stabilized and nadir-pointing module with an operational lifetime of at least one Earth year. It has one axis aligned with the nadir direction for continuous observation of the planet. Its low-eccentricity polar orbit (400 x 1500 km altitude) will provide excellent spatial resolution over the entire planet surface.

Mercury System Definition

Branch of SGS system that will be ready at time of Mercury arrival.

MERTIS Acronym

Mercury Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer.

MeS Acronym

Mercury System.

MEX Acronym

Mars Express (ESA mission to planet Mars).


Marco Freschi

MGA Acronym

Medium Gain Antenna.

MGF Acronym

Mercury Magnetometer.

MGNS Acronym

Mercury Gamma-Ray and Neutron Spectrometer.

MGS Acronym

Mission Ground Segment.

MIA Acronym

Mercury Ion Analyzer (on MMO/MPPE).

MIB Acronym

Mission Information Base (SCOS2000).

MICD Acronym

Mechanical Interface Drawing.

MIO Acronym

Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (JAXA Spacecraft was renamed as “MIO” after launch, therefore wherever MMO is mentioned, it refers to MIO and viceversa).


Mission Implementation Plan.


Mission Phase Definition.

MIPA Acronym

Miniature Ion Precipitation analyzer

MIR Acronym

Medium gamma-ray line intensities.

MIRD Acronym

Mission Implementation Requirements Document.

Mission Information Base (SCOS2000, S2K) Definition

A database at the Mission Operations Centre that contains all telecommand sequences and telecommands (plus more information) from the spacecraft and all payload elements. The core database consists of a number of ASCII files, which are used by the SCOS-2000 system at ESOC. These files are read by the EPS and converted to an EDF-compatible file.

Mission Implementation Plan Definition

Document written by the OGS, describing the overall mission implementation.

Mission Timeline Definition

A memory area onboard the spacecraft containing a time-tagged list of telecommands. They are sent to the payload at the given time.

Mission Utility and Support Tools Definition

SW for easily and quickly accessing spacecraft telemetry without complicated DDS queries and SCOS usage.

MIV Acronym

Micrometeroid Impact Vaporization.

MIXS Acronym

Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer.

MM Acronym

Mission Manager.

MMB Acronym

Mass Memory Board.

MMI Acronym

Man Machine Interface.

MMO Acronym

Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (JAXA Spacecraft was renamed as “MIO” after launch, therefore wherever MMO is mentioned, it refers to MIO and viceversa).

MN Acronym

Minutes. LiveLink document classification.

MOC Acronym

Mission Operations Centre.

MOCP Acronym

Mercury Orbit Commissioning Phase.

MOI Acronym

Mercury Orbit Insertion.

MOIS Acronym

Manufacturing and Operations Information System (TC sequences editor at BMOC).

MoM Acronym

Minutes of Meetings (documentation).

MORE Acronym

Mercury Orbiter Radio Science Experiment.

MOSIF Acronym

MMO Sunshield and Interface structure.

MOTOR Acronym

MOnitoring Tool & Operations oRchestrator.

MOU Acronym

Memorandum of Understanding.


Miguel Pérez-Ayúcar

MPC Acronym

Mission Planning Concept.

MPD Acronym

Mission Phase Definition.

MPO-MAG Acronym

Mercury MPO Magnetometer.

MPO Acronym

Mercury Planetary Orbiter.

MPPE Acronym

Mercury Plasma Particle Experiment.

MPPT Acronym

Maximum Power Point Tracker.

MPR Acronym

Memory Patch Request. Operational Interface.


Max Planck institute for Solar System Research.


Mission Planning System (OGS system).

MR Acronym

Mid-term Review.

MRT Acronym

Mission Readiness Test.


Mass Spectrometer.



MSA Acronym

Mercury mass Spectrum Analyzer (on MMO/MPPE).

MSASI Acronym

Mercury Sodium Atmospheric Spectral Imager.

MSB Acronym

Mercury Swing-By.

MSP Acronym

Master Science Plan. Operational interface.

MST Acronym

Mission Sequence Test.

MTA Acronym

Mercury True Anomaly.

MTBF Acronym

Mean Time Between Failures.

MTL Acronym

Mission Timeline.

MTM Acronym

Mercury Transfer Module.


Medium Term Plan.


Medium Term Planning.

MUST Acronym

Mission Utility and Support Tools.

N/A Acronym

Not Applicable.

n2d Acronym


NADIR Definition

Pointing mode - nadir pointing.

NADOF Definition

Pointing mode - pointing with a given offset to the nadir.

NASA Acronym

National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

NC Acronym

Non Compliance.

NCR Acronym

Non-Conformance Report.

NCTRS Acronym

Network Control and Telemetry Receiver System.

NDIU Acronym

Network Data Interface Unit.

NEAT Acronym

Nominal Environment Attitude Tracking (STR).

NEC Acronym

Near Earth Commissioning.

NECP Acronym

Near-Earth Commissioning Phase.


Nicolas Fajersztejn

NFM Acronym

Network Facilities Manual.

NIS Acronym

Network Interface Subsystem.

NM Acronym

Normal Mode (AOCS).

NNO Acronym

New Norcia.

Nov Acronym


NSSDC Acronym

National Space Science Data Center (SSOC).

OA Acronym

Operations Analysis.

OAS Acronym

Observations & Operations Assembler Subsystem.

OBCP Acronym

On-Board Control Procedure.

OBDH Acronym

On Board Data Handling.

OBEM Acronym

On Board Event Monitoring.

Observations & Operations Assembler Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem is used for the management of the information associated with the planned science operations, including their relationships with the mission science objectives and also with the downlinked information.

OBSM Acronym

On-Board Software Maintenance.

OBSW Acronym

On board Software.

OBT Acronym

On-Board Time.


Observations Catalogue.


Operations Concept.

OCC Acronym

Operations Control Centre.


Orbit Control Manoeuvre.


Orbit Control Mode (AOCS).

Oct Acronym


ODM Acronym

Orbit Determination Message/Model.

OFA Acronym

Onboard Frequency Analyser (sensor on MMO/PWI).

OFPM Acronym

Operation file Push Mechanism.

OGS Acronym

Operations Ground Segment (formerly the MOC).

OIRD Acronym

Operations Interface Requirements Document.

OLP Acronym

Operations Request File Logging Program.

OM Acronym

Operation Manager (SGS Role).

On-Board Control Procedure Definition

A small software routine running in the spacecraft computer. It can interpret housekeeping values and send commands to instruments and the spacecraft.

One way dual frequency mode Definition

Radio Science operational procedure. Dual frequency refers to downlink.

One way single frequency mode Definition

Radio Science operational procedure.

ONED Acronym

One way dual frequency mode. R(radio science operational procedure Dual frequency refers to downlink).

ONES Acronym

One way single frequency mode (radio science operational procedure).

OOL Acronym

Out Of Limits.

Operational Request File Acknowledger Definition

One of the OGS's software tools. When a PI submits an operational request to the OGS ftp server, ORF-A picks up the file and checks the name and, for some file types, also the contents e.g. by launching the EPS software. It will send an acknowledgement of the receipt of the file back to the sender.

OPS-PB Acronym

Operations Department BepiColombo.

Orbit Definition

See Trajectory.

ORCD Acronym

Operational Rules and Constraints Document.

ORF-A Acronym

Operational Request File Acknowledger.

ORF Acronym

Operation Request File. Operational Interface.

ORM Acronym

Object Relational Mapping.

ORR Acronym

Operations Readiness Review.


Operating System.


Operative System.

OSR Acronym

Optical Solar Reflectors.

OWLT Acronym

One Way Light Time.


Papers. LiveLink document classification.


Product Assurance.

PAP Acronym

Product Assurance Plan (documentation).

PAR Acronym

Product Assurance Report. Report.

PARC Acronym

Packet Archive.

Payload Operations Plan Definition

Is a timeline of payload operations that could be represented in different formats depending on the needs (document, file, etc).

Payload Operations Request Definition

The electronic file to request payload operations sent from the SGS to the OGS.

Payload Telecommand Sequence Definition

A fixed sequence of payload telecommands (which can be parameterised).

Payload Telecommand Definition

Telecommand that is uplinked to the spacecraft and executed according to the on-board Mission Timeline . A distinction is made between this and internal payload telecommands.

PC Acronym

Partial Compliance.

PCK Acronym

Planet Kernel (SPICE file defining celestial bodies).

PCM Acronym

Power Converter Module.

PCU Acronym

Power Conversion Unit.

PDAP Acronym

Planetary Data Access Protocol.

PDF Acronym

Portable Data Format.

PDR Acronym

Preliminary Design Review.

PDS Acronym

Planetary Data System.

PDU Acronym

Power Distribution Unit (there are 2 P/L and S/S PDUs).

PF Acronym

Planning File.

PFM Acronym

Proto-flight Model.

PHEBUS Acronym

Probing of Hermean Exosphere by Ultraviolet Spectroscopy.


Principal Investigator.


Plain Item.

PICAM Acronym

MPO Planetary Ion Camera.

PID Acronym

Process Identifier

PISA Acronym

Principal Investigator Support Area (room at ESOC).

PIT Acronym

Plain Item Type.

PIXE Acronym

Particle Induced X-Ray Emissions.




Plan. LiveLink document classification.

Plain Item Definition

this would be a data item without any associated file. It is only a collection of attributes, i.e. metadata. E.g., telemetry parameters.

Planetary Data System Definition

A concept to archive data. While the PDS system was defined by NASA, it will be used for BepiColombo to install an ESA archive. Their web site can be found at

Planetary Science Archive Definition

The PSA will combine the long-term science archive of all ESA planetary missions. It features a web-based interface to the database with search functions. The underlying data format follows the definitions of the PDS.

PLID Acronym

Planning Interface Document.

PLSR Acronym

Payload Start.

PLST Acronym

Payload Stop.

PM Acronym

Project Manager.

PMD Acronym

Pointing Mode Definition.

PMP Acronym

Project Management Plan.

PO Acronym

Poster. LiveLink document classification.

PoC Acronym

Proof of Concept.

PODT Acronym

Payload Operations Dynamical Timeline (obsolete, replaced by Input Timeline, ITL).

Pointing Mode Definition Definition

In the science operations planning, different pointing modes are defined. See: NADIR, NADOF, LIMB, IMBOF, TRACK, INERT, INSLW.

POR Acronym

Payload Operations Request.

POS Acronym

Payload Operations Service.

Power Distribution Unit Definition

There are 2 P/L and S/S PDUs.

PPI Acronym

PDS Planetary Plasma Interactions.


Procedures. LiveLink document classification.

SGS Team

Pedro Rodríguez

PreMAP Acronym

Pre- Mercury Activity Plan.

Principal Investigator Definition

The PI is the formal single responsible interface for a scientific experiment on board BepiColombo. He/she typically works at a scientific institute in one of the European member countries or in the USA and is paid by national funding.

Product Assurance Definition

Discipline devoted to the study, planning and implementation of activities intended to assure that the design, controls, methods and techniques in a project result in a satisfactory degree of quality in a product.

PRR Acronym

Preliminary Requirements Review.

PS Acronym

Project Scientist.

PSA Acronym

Planetary Science Archive.

PSD Acronym

Photon-Stimulated Desorption.

PSDD Acronym

Planetary Science Data Dictionary.

PSID Acronym

MPO PI - SGS Interactions Document (documentation).

PSK Acronym

Phase Shift Key.

PSM Acronym

Payload Support Module (spacecraft system).

PSP Acronym

Practicing Science Planning.

PSR Acronym

Project Support Room.

PSS Acronym

Planning and Simulation Support.

PSU Acronym

Power Supply Unit.


Planning Timeline.



PTB Acronym

Project Test Bed.

PTR Acronym

Pointing Request. Operational interface.

PTS Acronym

Pointing Timeline Skeleton.

PTV Acronym

Pre-Transmission Validation.

PUS Acronym

Packet Utilization Standard.

PVS Acronym

PSA Validation Software.

PVV Acronym

PSA Volume Verifier.

PWI Acronym

Plasma Wave Investigation/Instrument (on MMO)

QA/PA Acronym

Quality Assurance/Product Assurance.

QA Acronym

Quality Assurance.

QB Tool Acronym

Quicklook Browse Tool.

QC Acronym

Quality Control.

QCS Acronym

Quality Control Subsystem.

QE Acronym

QA/PA Engineer (SGS Role).

QIOS Acronym

Quick-look system.

QLA Acronym

Quicklook Analysis.

QLS Acronym

Quicklook System.

QMS Acronym

Quality Management System.

QPM Acronym

Quarterly Progress Meeting.

QR Acronym

Qualification Review.

Quality Assurance Definition

Part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

Quality Control Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem includes the functionalities required for the analysis, visualisation of data to support the operational quality control activities (telemetry quality and instrument health), data processing monitoring control and scientific data inspection.

Quaternion Definition

A quaternion represents two things. It has an x, y, and z component, which represents the axis about which a rotation will occur. It also has a w component, which represents the amount of rotation which will occur about this axis. A quaternion can therefore represent any possible rotation of a body.


Right Ascension.

SGS Team

Rafael Andrés

RAMS Acronym

Reliability Availability Maintainability and Safety.

Ranging Definition

Method using RF signals to accurately determine the real orbit of the spacecraft.


Revision Control System.


Reaction Control Subsystem.

RD Acronym

Reference Document.

RDBMS Acronym

Relational Database Management System.

RDM Acronym

Raw Data Media.

RDVM Acronym

Rendezvous maneuver.

Reaction Control Subsystem Definition

Method using RF signals to accurately determine the real orbit of the spacecraft.

Reference Pointing Information Definition

This is pointing information that is created for planning purposes by the SGS. In real operations, it is replaced by the quaternion files produced by the Flight Dynamics Team (FDT) at ESOC.

Regression Test Definition

Selective retesting of a system or component to verify that modifications have not caused unintended effects and that the system or component still complies with its specified requirements.

Repository Handling Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem where each of the BSCS subsystems will include a local repository where all the input and output, intermediate and configuration data will be stored.

Request for Deviation Definition

Formalism used for major non-conformances when the system is not recoverable by rework or repair for technical reasons.

Request for Waiver Definition

Formalism used for major non-conformances when the system can be repaired or it has been found to be usable although is not compliant with originally specified requirements.

Review Item Discrepancy Definition

Issue identified by a document reviewer, which is not compliant with a requirement, a review objective or a design goal.

RF Acronym

Radio Frequency.

RFCT Acronym

Radio Frequency Compatibility Test.

RFD Acronym

Request for Deviation.

RFDU Acronym

RadioFrequency Distribution Unit.

RFW Acronym

Request for Waiver.


Raymond Hoofs

RID Acronym

Review Item Discrepancy.

Risk Definition

Undesirable situation or circumstance that has both a likelihood of occurring and a potential negative consequence on a project. Risks arise from uncertainty due to lack of predictability or control of events, and are inherent to any project, and can arise at any time during the project life cycle.

RIU Acronym

Remote Interface Unit.

RMB Acronym

Risk Management Board.

RMM Acronym

Risk Management Meeting.

RMP Acronym

Risk Management Plan (documentation).

RN Acronym

Release Note.

RP Acronym

Report. LiveLink document classification.

RPI Acronym

Reference Pointing Information.

RQR Acronym

Requirements Review.

RR Acronym

Readiness Review.

RRD Acronym

Risk Register Document (documentation).

RS Acronym

Requirements Specification. LiveLink document classification.

RSE Acronym

Radio Science Experiment.

RSI Acronym

Radio Science Investigation (currently not commanded via ITL, only for info).

RSSD Acronym

Research and Scientific Support Department.

RTC Acronym

Real Time Clock.

RTOF Acronym

Reflectron type Time Of Flight mass spectrometer.

RTOS Acronym

Real Time Operating System.

RTU Acronym

Remote Terminal Unit (spacecraft system).

RW Acronym

Reaction Wheel.

RWA Acronym

Reaction Wheel Assembly (spacecraft system). There are 4.

RX Acronym


S/C Acronym


S2K Acronym


SA Acronym

Solar Array.

SAA Acronym

Solar Aspect Angle.

SADE Acronym

Solar Array Drive Electronics (spacecraft system).

SADM Acronym

Solar Array Drive Mechanism.

SAN Acronym

Study Assumptions Note.

SAP Acronym

Science Activity Plan.

SAS Acronym

Sun Acquisition Sensor (spacecraft system). There are 4.

SASM Acronym

Sun Acquisition and Survival Mode (AOCS).


Science Archives and VO Team (aka ESDC).


Software Acceptance Tests.


Sebastien Besse

SBDL Acronym

Standard Balance Digital Link. (experiments' electrical interfaces must be compliant to it).

SBM Acronym

Standby Mode (AOCS).

SCC Acronym

Status Consistency Checking.

SCD Acronym

SGS Concept Document (documentation).

SCE Acronym

Solar Conjunction Experiment.

SCEL Acronym

Spacecraft Elapsed time.

Scenario Parameter Lists

Used in the science operations planning. These are the top-level descriptions of the requirements to a mission scenario to the ESOC Flight Dynamics Team.

Scenario Parameter Lists

Used in the science operations planning. These are the top-level descriptions of the requirements to a mission scenario to the ESOC Flight Dynamics Team.

SCET Acronym

Spacecraft Elapsed time (term is used with two different meanings).

SCH Acronym

Schedule. LiveLink document classification.

Sci-RD Acronym

Science Requirements for Payload of MPO.

Science Activity Plan Definition

The SAP is a document outlining the scientific operations during the science operations phase of the mission.

Science Ground Segment (SGS) Definition

This term refers to ESA elements of the MPO Science Ground Segment. The SGS is formed by: dedicated personnel, support tools and operational systems.

Science Operations Interface Agreement Definition

The interface document on management level between the OGS and the SGS.

Science Planning Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem is used for science payload operations planning and scheduling and constraint checking, taking the scientific objectives as a basis and aiming at the maximisation of the science return of the mission.

SCLK Acronym

Spacecraft Clock Coefficients (SPICE file used for time conversions).

SCM Acronym

Software Configuration Management.

SCN Acronym

SGS Commonalities Note.

SCOE Acronym

Special CheckOut Equipment.

ScOM Acronym

SGS Operations Manager.

SCOS2000 Acronym

Spacecraft Control and Operating System.

SCR Acronym

Software Change Request.


Software Design Document.


Selective Data Downlink.

SDE Acronym

Software Development Environment.

SDHS Acronym

Science Data Handling System.

SDJD Acronym

System Design Justification Document (documentation).


Sara de la Fuente

SDR Acronym

Software Design Review - see spacecraft reviews.

SE DL Acronym

System Engineer Downlink (SGS Role).

SE UL Acronym

System Engineer Uplink (SGS Role).

SE Acronym

System Engineer (SGS Role).

SEA Acronym

Solar Elongation Angle.

SEGU Acronym

Software Engineering Guidelines for Users (documentation).

SEL Acronym

Single Event Latchup.

SELENE Acronym

Selenological and Engineering Explorer.

Sep Acronym


SEP Acronym

Solar Electric Propulsion.

SEQ Acronym

Telecommand Sequence.

SERENA Acronym

Search for Exospheric Refilling and Emitted Natural Abundances.

SES Acronym


SET Acronym

SGS ECSS Tailoring.

SETG Acronym

Software Engineering Tailoring for Ground Segments.

SEU Acronym

Single Event Upset.

SFC Acronym

Station File Client.

SFIRD Acronym

Stations and Facilities Requirements Document.

SFM Acronym

Stations and Facilities Manager.

SFS Acronym

Station File Server.

SGICD Acronym

Space/Ground ICD (Interface document between spacecraft and ground).

SGM Acronym

Safeguard Memory.

SGS Acronym

Science Ground Segment.

SHE Acronym

Shutter Electronics.


Safe Hold Mode (AOCS).


Shutter Mechanism.

SI Acronym

International System of Units.

SIAGT Acronym

Solar Impact Angle at Ground Track.

SID Acronym

Structure Field Identifier. Telemetry Field.

SIM Acronym



Spectrometers and Imagers for MPO BepiColombo Integrated Observatory System.

SIP Acronym

Science Implementation Plan (documentation).

SIRD Acronym

Science Implementation Requirements Document (documentation).

SIS Acronym

Software Interface Specification (PDS documentation).

SIT Acronym

Spacecraft Interface Tests.

SIXS Acronym

Solar Intensity X-ray and particle Spectrometer.

SKEL Acronym

Spacecraft Key Event Log.

SLE Acronym

Space Link Extension.


Santa Martinez


Science Management Plan.


Slew Manoeuvre Phase (AOCS).


Simulator Model Portability standard.

SMR Acronym

Software Modification Report.

SNC Acronym

SGS System Naming Conventions (documentation)

SNR Acronym

Signal-to-noise ratio.

SOC Acronym

Science Operations Centre.

SOD Acronym

Science Operations Data Repository.

SODF Acronym

Science Operations Definition File.

SODHC Acronym

Science Operations and Data Handling Concept.

SODPL Acronym

Science Operations and Data Handling Plan.

SODPR Acronym

Science Operations and Data Handling Procedures.

SODTR Acronym

Science Operations and Data Handling Procedures Test Report.

SODTS Acronym

Science Operations and Data Handling Procedures Test Specification.

SOE Acronym

Science Operations Engineer (SGS Role).

Software Change Request Definition

form used by the users to request a new functionality or improvement in the software (Change Request will be the name applied to non-software items).

Software Patch Definition

Refers to the an update to a part of instrument on-board software. This can also be applied to any ground models of the instrument.

Software Problem Report Definition

form used to report the condition of a software product that causes failures or deficiencies in the use of the software.

Software Repository Definition

A storage location from which software configuration items may be checked out.

Software Requirements Definition

Requirements levied on the RSGS that are at software level and derived from subsystem requirements in the SSRD.

SOIA Acronym

Science Operations Interface Agreement.

SOL Acronym

Spacecraft Operations Logbook.

SOLAB Acronym

Solar System Science Operations Laboratory.

Solar System Science Operations Laboratory Definition

This tool allows for parametric analysis of science quantities, in order to optimize the observation plan.

SOLO Acronym

Solar Orbiter.

SOLR Acronym
Searching On Lucene w/ Replication
SOM Acronym

Spacecraft Operations Manager.

SOPM Acronym

Science Operations for Planetary Missions.

SOR Acronym

Spacecraft Operation Request. Operational interface.

SORBET Acronym

Spectroscopie Ondes Radio and Bruit Electrostatique Thermique (sensor on MMO/PWI)

SOS Acronym

Science operations Scientist.

SOT Acronym

Science Operations Team.

SOV Acronym

System Validation Tests.

SOVT Acronym

System Operations Validation Tests.

SOW Acronym

Statement of Work. LiveLink document classification.

SOWG Acronym

Science Operations Working Group.

SP Acronym

Specification. LiveLink document classification.

SPACON Acronym

Spacecraft Controller.

SPC Acronym

Science Programme Committee.

SPE Acronym

Sun-Probe-Earth angle.


An ancillary information system that provides scientists and engineers with the capability to include space geometry and event data into mission design, science observation planning, and science data analysis software.

  • SPICE is used throughout NASA and many other U.S. and international agencies for organising, distributing, and accessing ancillary data associated with space science missions.
  • The principle components of the SPICE system are the SPICE Toolkit software and the SPICE data files - often called Kernels.
    • ck -Kernels that contain Orientation for the spacecraft and some of its structures (e.g. solar arrays, HGA)
    • ek -Kernels for Events
    • fk -Kernels that define Reference Frames needed for the mission
    • ik -Kernels for the Instruments on board the spacecraft
    • lsk -Kernel for Leapseconds
    • pck -Kernels that define Planetary Constants
    • sclk -Kernels that prescribe Spacecraft Clock Coefficients
    • spk -Kernels that prescribe Orbits for the spacecraft and other solar system bodies

Spacecraft Planet Instrument C-matrix Event.

SPID Acronym

SCOS Packet ID.

SPK Acronym

Spacecraft Kernel.

SPL Acronym

Scenario Parameter Lists.

SPM Acronym

Simple Plasma Monitor.

SPOT Acronym

Science Planning Operational Tool.

SPPG Acronym

Synthetic Packet Generator (SCOS2000).

SPR Acronym

Software Problem Report.

SPS Acronym

Science Planning Subsystem.

SPTV Acronym

Static PTV.

SQL Acronym

Structured Query Language.

SRB Acronym

Software Review Board.

SRD Acronym

System Requirements Document (documentation).

SRDB Acronym

BepiColombo System DataBase.

SRE-O Acronym

Science Operations Department (ESA).

SRE-OD Acronym

Science Operations Development Division (ESA).

SRE-OE Acronym

Science Archives and Computer Engineering Unit (ESA).

SRE-OO Acronym

Mission Operations Division (ESA).

SRE Acronym

Science and Robotic Exploration.

SREM Acronym

Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (see BERM)

SRN Acronym

Software Release Note.

SRR Acronym

System Requirements Review.

SSC Acronym

Source Sequence Count.

SSCE Acronym

Sun Spacecraft Earth.

SSD Acronym

Software Specification Document.

SSIM Acronym

SSOC - SGS Interface Meetings.

SSM Acronym

Second Surface Mirror.

SSMM Acronym

Solid State Mass Memory.

SSOC Acronym

ISAS/JAXA Sagamihara Space Operation Centre.

SSR Acronym

Software Support Room.

SSRD Acronym

SGS Subsystems Requirements Document (documentation).


SW Team.


SGS Development Team.

Standby Definition

A word used to describe when the status of an instrument is such that it is ready for operations when needed. Specifics are different for different instruments. Synonymous with IDLE.

START Acronym

Start of mission.

STC Acronym

Station Computer.

STCB Acronym

Stored Telecommand Buffer.

STDM Acronym

Station Tracking Data Message.

STL Acronym

SW Team Leader (SGS Role).


Simplified Thermal Model.


Structural Thermal Model.

STOC Acronym

Science Technology Operations Coordination.


Short Term Plan/Planning.


Software Test Plan.


System Test Plan.


System Test Report.


Star Tracker (spacecraft system). There are 3.


Start From A Rotating Field Mass Spectrometer

Structural Thermal Model Definition

The model of the spacecraft and/or the experiment which is representative concerning structural and thermal behavior.


Serial Telemetry Sampling.


System Test Specification.

SU Acronym

Sensor Unit.

Subsystem Requirements Definition

Requirements levied on the SGS that are at subsystem level and derived from system requirements in the SRD.

Subsystem Definition

A secondary or subordinate system within a larger system. A subsystem can be composed of one or more components.

SUM Acronym

Software user Manual.

SVIP Acronym

SGS Verification, Validation Integration Plan.

SVN Acronym


SVT Acronym

System Verification Test.

SVVP Acronym

System Verification and Validation Plan (documentation)




Software Engineer (SGS Role).

SWG Acronym

Science Working Group.


Software Support.


Solar Wind Spectrometer Experiment.

SWT Acronym

Science Working Team.

sysAIVRD Acronym

SystemAIV requirements Document.

System Requirements Definition

Requirements levied on the SGS that are at system level and derived from top-level requirements in the SIRD.

System Definition

A collection of subsystems organised to accomplish a specific function or set of functions. A system is composed of one or more subsystems and it can be applied to the sum total of hardware, software, procedures, documentation and manpower needed to perform these functions.

Table Access Protocol Definition

Protocol to access data information included in ESA Science Archives. An extension of this is TAP+ which includes additional functionalities.

TAI Acronym

International Atomic Time.

TAP Acronym

Table Access Protocol.

Tape Archiver Definition

A file format. It is both a file format (in the form of a type of archive bitstream) and the name of a program used to handle such files.

TAR Acronym

Tape Archiver. A file format.

TB/TV Acronym

Thermal Balance / Thermal Vacuum.

TBC Acronym

To be Confirmed.

TBD Acronym

To be Defined.

TBW Acronym

To be Written.



SGS Team

Thomas Cornett

TCM Acronym

Trajectory Correction Manoeuver.

TCO Acronym

Time Correlation.

TCP Acronym

Time Correlation Packets.

TDB Acronym

Barycentric Dynamical Time (called ET in SPICE).

TDM Acronym

Tracking Data Message (CCSDS standard.

TDRS Acronym

Telemetry Data Retrieval System.

TDT Acronym

Terrestial Dynamical Time (synonym TT).

TE Acronym

Test Engineer (SGS Role).

Telecommand Definition

Telecommands are the commands sent from the Mission Timeline (MTL) to the payload. During in-flight operations, they are not called directly, but only via Flight Control Procedures (FCPs) or Telecommand Sequences.

Terrestial Dynamical Time Definition

Synonym TT. TDT =TAI + 32.184 sec.

Terrestrial Time Definition

Synonym TDT. TT =TAI + 32.184 sec.

Test Case Definition

A set of tests inputs, execution conditions, and expected results developed for a particular objective, such as to exercise a particular program path or to verify compliance with a specified requirement. A test case is part of a test design.

Test Plan Definition

A document prescribing the scope, approach resources, and schedule of intended test activities.

Test Definition

Verification or validation method by measurement of product performance and functions under representative simulated environments.

TFG Acronym

Transfer Frame Generator (spacecraft system).

TFP Acronym

Thruster Firing Phase (AOCS).

THS Acronym

Transfer Handling Subsystem.

TICT Acronym

Thermal Interface Control Drawing.

TK Acronym

Thermal Knife (used to "cut" Kevlar cables by heating).

TM Acronym


TMTCS Acronym

Telemetry and Telecommand Processor System.

TMX Acronym

Traceability Matrix.

TN Acronym

Technical Note.

ToC Acronym

Table of Contents.

TP Acronym

Test Plan (documentation).

TPL Acronym

Template. LiveLink document classification.

TPPRE Acronym

Thruster Pointing and Pressure Regulation Electronics.

TR Acronym

Test Report.

TRACK Definition

Pointing mode- Tracking an object on comet .

Trajectory Definition

The path that a moving object follows through space as a function of time. A trajectory can be described mathematically either by the geometry of the path, or as the position of the object over time.

Transfer Handling Subsystem Definition

SGS Subsystem which is used as a common mechanism for performing the file transfers within the BSCS subsystems independently of the location of the sender and receiver.

TRB Acronym

Test Review Board.

TRP Acronym

Temperature Reference Point.

TRR Acronym

Test Readiness Review.

TS Acronym

Test Specification.

TT&C Acronym

Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding.

TT Acronym

Terrestrial Time (synonym TT).

TWTA Acronym

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier (Spacecraft subsystem part of TT&C system).

UIS Acronym

Unique Identifier String.

UL Acronym


ULP Acronym

User Loading Profile.

UM Acronym

User Manual.

UML Acronym

Unified Modelling Language.

URD Acronym

User Requirements Document (documentation).

UT1 Acronym

Astronomical noon at Greenwich.

UTC Acronym

Universal Time Coordinated.

UV Acronym


V&V Acronym

Verification and Validation.

Validation Tests Definition

The process by which a system is tested in order to demonstrate suitability for its intended operational use ( i.e. to demonstrate the correct system been built).

VC0-1 Acronym

Virtual Channel 0-1 (data dumping channels used during passes at ESOC).

VCS Acronym

Version Control System.

Verification Tests Definition

The process by which a system is tested in order to demonstrate compliance to requirements (i.e. to demonstrate the system has been built correctly).

VIHI Acronym

Visible and Infrared Hyperspectral Imager.

Virtual Observatory Definition

The Virtual Observatory (VO) is the vision that astronomical datasets and other resources should work as a seamless whole.

VO Acronym

Virtual Observatory.

VSDS Acronym

Video Selection and Distribution System.

WAN Acronym

Wide Area Network.

WBRS Acronym

Wide-Band Ranging System.

WBS Acronym

Work Breakdown Structure.

WCP Acronym

Wheel Control Phase (AOCS).

WDSL Acronym

Web Definition Service Language.

Web-RM Acronym

Web - Remote Monitoring.

WEL Acronym

Waited Events List.

WFC Acronym

WaveForm Capture (sensor on MMO/PWI).

WG Acronym

Working Group.

Win Merge Definition

Tool used at SGS for comparing/merging versions of files in CVS.

WIR Acronym

Weak gamma-ray line intensities.

WIU Acronym

Waveguide Interface Unit.

WOL Acronym

Wheel Off-Loading.

WOP Acronym

Wheel Off-Loading Phase (AOCS).

WP Acronym

Work Package.

WPD Acronym

Work Packages Description.

WPT Acronym

Wire-Probe anTenna (on MMO/PWI)

WRT Acronym

With respect to.

X-band Definition

The X band is a segment of the microwave radio region of the electromagnetic spectrum (7.0 to 11.2 GHz). The term "X-band" is also used informally and inaccurately to refer to the extended AM broadcast band, where the "X" stands for "extended".

XML Acronym

Extensible Mark-up Language.

XSD Acronym

XML Schema Document