BepiColombo - Exploring Mercury

Europe's first mission to Mercury

Welcome to ESA's website for the BepiColombo scientific community and the BepiColombo Science Ground Segment. The target audience for this site is scientists  and engineers involved in the BepiColombo mission. ESA pages for the general public interested in the BepiColombo mission can be found here .

An overview paper about the mission and its science goals was published in 2021: Benkhoff, J., Murakami, G., Baumjohann, W., et al. BepiColombo - Mission Overview and Science Goals. Space Sci Rev 217, 90 (2021).

Spacecraft 3D Model

Do you want to explore our spacecraft in more detail? If yes click 3D-MODEL

Where is BepiColombo & Attitude Viewer

Interactive 3D tools showing the spacecraft attitude and where the BepiColombo spacecraft is on any given day from launch in October 2018 to just beyond the end of its cruise phase end of 2025. To play with the tools click here.