BepiColombo News 2014


30/03/2015 Official announcement of BepiColombo new launch date
The month long  launch window will start on 27 January 2017. Read more here 

27/03/2015 Interview with Ulrich Reininghaus, Bepicolombo Project Manager
Click here 

13/02/2015 1st announcement 5th MESSENGER - BepiColombo Science Workshop
The workshop will take place 16-18 June 2015 at DLR, Berlin, Germany. Registration here.

28/01/2015 Which way to Mercury?
The podcast just went up on Physics Central: 

13/01/2015 Vacancy: Software Engineer - closed
Software Engineer to support the BepiColombo Science Operations at ESAC in Madrid, Spain.

13/01/2015 Vacancy: Young Graduate Trainee - closed
Business Process Automation - Applied Space Missions : Develop a tool to automate work package and manpower plan reporting. Including proposal, implementation and documentation of tools. Assignment to BepiColombo based in ESAC in Madrid, Spain.