Announcements of Opportunity (AOs)


ESA runs annual Announcements of Opportunity (AOs) for the CHEOPS Guest Observers (GO) Programme. These are open to the worldwide science community, and all reserarch topics applciable to CHEOPS are encouraged.

As of the Extended Mission 1 (EM1), i.e. starting with AO-4, ESA strives to run these calls in a fully double-anonymous peer-review. Please carefully consult the relevant AO-4 webpage, and in particular the Policies&Procedures Document, Observers' Manual, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) webpage.

Previous AOs and overviews of their awarded proposals can be found here.

Happy observing!


Questions about CHEOPS or the GO Programme? Please email cheops-support at and we will be happy to help!
Last updated 30 Mar 2023