Phase 2 submission

​​​​​​​PIs of accepted proposals will be required to follow Phase 2 of the proposal preparation process. The purpose of Phase 2 is to provide the detailed information required to schedule observations, in the form of observation requestions (ORs). Trget information (including coordinates) together with the time awarded and target priority will be sent by ESA to the SOC. The information sent will be based on the inputs given in PHT1 together with details of the time awarded. This particular information will be used to partially pre-populate the OR(s), and will not be changeable by the observer. Access to the tool will require user credentials, which will be provide by the SOC to the proposal PI and to the additional contact. Edit privileges are given to the PI, and view privileges to the additional contact.

An overview of how to used the Phase 2 twol is available in section 1.4 of the CHEOPS observers manual, and has been extracted and made available at this link. The tool itself - PHT2 - can be found at this link Log-in with the relevant credentials (provided to PIs of proposals awarded obsering time is required to see the relevant interface.