Proposal Handling Tool Phase 1 (PHT1)
for the 4th Announcement of Opportunity (AO-4)

To submit your CHEOPS observing proposals for AO-4, the PHT1 is now live and open until the call closure. Any submissions and updates of proposals are only possbile via the PHT1 and must be received by the call closure. Submissions and updates that arrive via other means (e.g., email) or arrive late will be rejected on formal grounds. Before you prepare your proposals, please thoroughly familiarise yourself with the Policies and Procedures document (in particular the new and strict requirement of fully anonymous proposals), register to the GO programme, and consult the Target Checker, Reserved Target List, and Mission Archive.

Questions about CHEOPS or the GO Programme? Please email cheops-support at and we will be happy to help!
Last updated 18 Apr 2023