Call for Proposals
for an ESA-ESO Workshop in 2020




Science workshops represent a unique opportunity to foster ideas and collaborations. Acknowledging the need to further catalyse exchanges between astrophysics-related spaceborne missions and ground-based facilities, as well as between their respective communities, ESA and ESO are joining forces to organise a series of international astronomy meetings, alternating between ESO and ESA sites. In 2020 the meeting will take place at the European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) in Spain close to Madrid. ESA will provide the meeting room, local organisation and a financial contribution to the selected workshop.


Workshop location

In 2020, a joint ESA-ESO workshop will take place at ESAC (Spain). A pre-reservation for a conference room has been made for 21-25 September 2020 to ensure availability of space for the workshop. 


Proposal submission and deadline

Proposals should be sent as PDF only to by 5 June 2019, 14:00 CEST.


Content of proposals

With this call, we would like to specifically invite members of the astronomy community to submit proposals for an ESA-ESO workshop, to be held in 2020.

  • The proposal should strongly motivate the synergetic aspects uniquely associated with this joint ESA-ESO call, hence should relate to science/facility-related topics where both ESA and ESO have provided and/or provide crucial contributions.
  • The proposal should describe the scientific area to be covered by the workshop and the format (e.g. expected number of participants, location, organising committee, keynote speakers) using the form provided. Tentative lists for SOC members and Invited Speakers should be included.
  • When planning your workshop, please take into account that these workshops strive to achieve gender balance in all aspects, including representation on the organising committees, session chairs, and through invitations to high quality speakers in line with the gender balance in our research community.
  • ESA and ESO collect demographic information about workshop participants to be used in reporting of the workshop.
  • Please consider involving ESA and ESO scientists at the proposal stage. For the present call an ESA scientist will be appointed to the LOC unless already identified in the proposal.

Proposed workshops will be evaluated by an ad hoc committee of ESA and ESO Staff. The selection committee will rank the proposals based on the scientific timeliness and the perceived augmented benefit to the joint ESA and ESO communities.

Note that the organisers will be requested to submit a brief (1-2 pages) report on the event, including its scientific outcome, its impact on the ESA and ESO communities, and potential suggestions for improvements regarding this dedicated workshop series.


More information

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