Other Projects

The following table provides information about current projects under development with a link to the documentation and the SCI-O reponsible:

Project Name



SCI-O Contact

Documentation Link

Data Analysis SW Long Term Preservation DASLT Completed Vicente Navarro Livelink Link
Euro-VO Registry EVOR On-going Christophe Arviset Livelink Link
GAIA AVI Data Visualisation GAVIDAV On-going Jorgo Bakker Livelink Link
GAIA Added Value Interfaces Portal GAVIP On-going Jorgo Bakker Livelink Link
GAIA AVI Spectral Clasification GAVISC On-going Jorgo Bakker Livelink Link
GAIA AVI Temporal Analysis GAVITEA On-going Jorgo Bakker  
Hubble Catalogue of Variables HCV On-going Antonella Nota  
Downlink and Science Data Centre for Hinode HINODE On-going Bernard Fleck  
Science Operations Hardware Monitoring HWMON Completed Rubén Álvarez  
Planck Added Value Interfaces PLAAVI On-going Xavier Dupac  
Science Operations BackUp Data Center SOBDC On-going Rubén Álvarez  
Science Explotation Preservation Platform SEPP On-going Vicente Navarro