Faculty Council

The minutes for every Faculty Council meeting are on the internal (restricted) section of this website.

The ESAC Faculty Council (2021-2022 mandate) comprises:

Jan-Uwe Ness Sentinel ESAC [Contact Sentinel]
Bruno Altieri   ESAC  
Inés Belgacem Exchequer ESAC  (RF rep.) [Contact Exchequer]
Isabel Cabellero   ESAC  
Margherita Giustini   CAB  
Sarah Kendrew   Baltimore  
Álvaro Labiano Terminator CAB [Contact Terminator]
Marcos Lopez-Caniego   ESAC  
Ivan Valtchanov   ESAC  


The Sentinel is the chair of the Faculty Council.
The Exchequer oversees the Faculty accounts.
The Terminator is responsible for monitoring progress on projects connected to invited visitors.

Faculty council associates

For queries and suggestions concerning the Seminar programme, contact the Seminar Organisers (Margherita Giustini, Pedro García-Lario, Elena Manjavacas, Nimisha Kumari, Sophie Musset, Rachana Bhatawdekar, and Timo Prusti).

For queries or updates about this ESAC Faculty website, please contact the Webmaster (Tim Rawle).