Hints for HOSTING Visitors AT ESAC

Entering the site

Inform the guards by email well in advance of the arrival of your visitor, to speed up the process of getting them on site. Visitors need to present a national ID card or passport to the guards at the gate to obtain a visitor pass. Note also that there is an ESAC Visitors Registration tool in Lotus Notes which should be used if possible.

Booking a flexi-office

Flexi-offices are a new concept for visitor offices at ESAC. Faculty members inviting
short-term visitors should consider booking one of these three rooms (E009, M030, D217). Informal arrangements for other offices are also possible, if such a workspace is available. For longer term visitors, the ESAC Site Helpdesk (ext. 70100) should be notified to find a solution.

Administrative assistants know how to book these rooms and can help Faculty members with their queries. You are kindly asked to specify, when booking the office, who will
occupy the room.

Wireless LAN

The best way to secure an internet access to your visitor is to create a wireless account on the esa-public network at this link:https://esac-ngs.esac.esa.int/. Note that the settings of the wireless on the visitor's laptop may have to be adapted for the connection to work. IT Services will help in that.

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