ESAC Faculty web pages

Welcome to the ESAC Science Faculty. Our membership includes:

  • ESA Faculty at ESAC (Madrid, Spain)
  • Staff at the Centro de Astrobiología (CAB), co-located with ESAC
  • ESA Faculty at Space Telescope Science Institute (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
  • ESA Faculty at Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, Maryland, USA)

Together with our ESTEC counterparts, we form the ESA Science Faculty.


Research interests

For potential collaborators, and prospective candidates for the Research Fellowship Programme.

If you are new to ESAC, or would like to add/update your research details on any these pages, you should follow these simple intructions.


Faculty funding

For information on Faculty Funding, please login to COSMOS (same username/password as for MAS, timesheets etc) to access the "internal information" item on the side-bar menu. If you have any problems, please contact the webmaster.

Funding proposals are discussed for approval at Faculty Council meetings.

REQUEST:  We would like to keep track of publications that were (partly) funded by the Faculty. Please send the Faculty Terminator (Jose Caballero) references (e.g. ADS bibcode or thesis title) to publications/theses that benefited from visits over the last 3 years (2014 or later).


ESAC seminars

ESAC runs a weekly series of seminars. If you have comments or suggestions for speakers (or have proposed that your visitor gives a seminar), please contact the seminar organisers (Lyndsay Old and Pedro Garcia Lario).


Library: If you are in need of a book or a journal, the ESAC library meets all of your needs.

COSMOS page feedback: If you have any comments or suggestions for these ESAC Faculty pages, please contact the webmaster.