breakfast SEMINARS - 2017 PROGRAMME

The seminar is held on weekly basis after the research fellows breakfast on Tuesdays in the Wormhole (Db 162, ca. 10:30). Attendance is open to everyone. Fellows are expected to present, in an alternating manner, an interesting paper from their field of research (denoted P in the table) and a their own current work (e.g a figure or paper draft; F). In addition the breakfast seminar may also serve as a forum for an informal presentation of work by faculty visitors. Contact: M.W. Grootes






January 2017

17. Jan. Jacopo Chevallard cancelled
24. Jan. Lucile Turc Evidence for transient, local ion foreshocks caused by dayside magnetopause reconnection
31. Jan. Oliver Jennrich Report on Staff Engagement Survey Results

February 2017

07. Feb. Jacopo Chevellard One Law To Rule Them All: The Radial Acceleration Relation of Galaxies
14. Feb. Janine Pforr A massive, quiescent galaxy at redshift of z=3.717
21. Feb. Richard Tuffs Forward Radiation Transfer Modelling of the Galaxy Population in the Era of ALMA, JWST, and EUCLID
28. Feb. Gráinne Costigan Formation of young stars and young scientists

March 2017

07. Mar. Victoria Grinberg As Above, So Below: Exploiting Mass Scaling in Black Hole Accretion to Break Degeneracies in Spectral Interpretation
14. Mar. Heleen Vos Laboratory and analogue field spectroscopy of minerals, water and biomarkers
21. Mar. Regina Rudawska Meteor Shower Detection with Density-Based Clustering
28. Mar. Chryssa Avdellidou Super-catastrophic disruption of asteroids at small perihelion distances

April 2017

04. Apr. Jack Carlyle Network of sensitive magnetometers for urban studies
11. Apr. Melissa Mirino Multi-instrument data analysis for interpretation of the martian north polar layered deposits
18. Apr. Buffer slot
25. Apr. Ben de Vries An infrared spectral match between GEMS and interstellar grains

May 2017

02. May. Lia Corrales Inclusion and Diversity in Astronomy
09. May. Owen Roberts The Electron scale turbulent power spectra in the solar wind
16. May. Ilse van de Burgt
23. May. Janine Pforr
30. May. Christopher Tibbs

June 2017

06. Jun. Jack Carlyle
13. Jun. Regina Rudawska
20. Jun. Victoria Grinberg
27. Jun. Chryssa Avdellidou

July 2017

04. Jul. Jacopo Chevallard cancelled
11. Jul Stella Reino A Gaia study of the Hyades
18. Jul. Jacopo Chevallard
25. Jul. Chryssa Avdellidou

August 2017

01. Aug. Buffer slot
08. Aug. Owen Roberts
15. Aug. Jack Carlyle
22. Aug. Regina Rudawska
29. Aug. Buffer slot

September 2017

05. Sep. Christopher Tibbs
12. Sep. Meiert Grootes
19. Sep. Janine Pforr

October 2017

03. Oct. buffer slot>
10. Oct. Jacopo Chevallard
17. Oct. Chryssa Avdellidou
24. Oct. Meiert Grootes
31. Oct. Janine Pforr

November 2017

07. Nov. Victoria Grinberg
14. Nov. Owen Roberts
21. Nov. Regina Rudawska

January 2016

12. Jan. Regina Rudawska (P) Solar wind sputtering of dust on the surface of 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
19. Jan. Christopher Tibbs (P) KIC 8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.17 mag Per Century From 1890 To 1989
26. Jan. Christian Schneider (P) Accreting protoplanets in the LkCa 15 transition disk

February 2016

2. Feb. Carlo Manara (F) Protoplanetary disks with ALMA
9. Feb. Teresa Antoja (P) Imprints of Radial Migration on the Milky Way's Metallicity Distribution Functions
16. Feb. Meiert Grootes (P) ISM masses and the star formation law at Z = 1 to 6 // ALMA observations of dust continuum in 145 galaxies in the COSMOS survey field
23. Feb. Ben de Vries (P) Fingerprints of giant planets in the photospheres of Herbig stars

March 2016

1. Mar. Oliver Jennrich (P) Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger
8. Mar. Lucile Turc (P) Global impacts of a Foreshock Bubble: Magnetosheath, magnetopause and ground-based observations
15. Mar. Owen Roberts (P) Coherent events and spectral shape at ion kinetic scales in the fast solar wind turbulence
22. Mar. Jacopo Chevallard (P) A Remarkably Luminous Galaxy at z=11.1 Measured with Hubble Space Telescope Grism Spectroscopy
29. Mar Easter Break

April 2016

4. April Stefanie Raetz (P) Constraints on the location of a possible 9th planet derived from the Cassini data
12. Apr. Buffer Slot
19. Apr. Carlo Manara (P) Ringed Substructure ans a gap at 1 au in the nearest Protoplanetary Disk
26. Apr. Buffer slot

May 2016

03. May. Beatriz Sanchez-Cano (F) Coromal Mass Ejections
10. May. Jacopo Chevallard (P) Directly Observing the Galaxies Likely Responsible for Reionization
17. May. Meiert Grootes (F) How self-regulated is star formation in central galaxies?
24. May. All RF benefits / preparation for DG visit
31. May. Lucile Turc (P) Pluto's interaction with the solar wind

June 2016

07. Jun. Louise Nielsen (P) Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star and
Habitable worlds with JWST: transit spectroscopy of the TRAPPIST-1 system?
14. Jun. Christopher Tibbs (P) Multi-scale Planck corrections to Herschel dust continuum emission maps: Implications for column density and temperature maps
21. Jun. Regina Rudawska (P) Plasma clouds associated with Comet P/Borrelly dust impacts
28. Jun. Ben de Vries (P) Likely detection of water-rich asteroid debris in a metal-polluted white dwarf

July 2016

05. Jul. Regina Rudawska (P) Three-body resonance in meteoroid streams
8. Jul. Ignacio Mendigutía (F) Accretion onto low and intermediate mass stars
12. Jul. Zoe Faes Accretion of Phobos and Deimos in an extended debris disc stirred by transient moons
19. Jul. Maria Giulia Ubeira Gabellini (University of Milan/STScI) The sub-stellar mass function in the Orion Cluster
26. Jul. Marie Curie Presentation

August 2016

02. Aug. Stefanie Raetz (P) Direct Imaging discovery of a second planet candidate around the possibly transiting planet host CVSO 30
09. Aug. Lucile Turc (P) Observations of an extreme storm in interplanetary space caused by successive coronal mass ejections
16. Aug. Morten Andersen (P) Extended star formation in Westerlund 1
23. Aug. Owen Roberts (P) A proton-cyclotron wave storm generated by unstable proton distribution functions in the Solar wind
30. Aug. Buffer slot

September 2016

06. Sep. Ben de Vries (P/F) Transient dust in warm debris disks. Detection of Fe-rich olivine grains
13. Sep. Christian Schneider (P) A terrestrial planet candidate in a temperate orbit around Proxima Centauri
20. Sep. Steafnie Raets (F) The Sept. 1st. annular solar eclipse
27. Sep. Meiert Grootes (P) Deep learning, Neural Networks, and Galaxy Morphology

October 2016

4. Oct. Christopher Tibbs (P) Spacecraft traveling with a large fraction of the speed of light - Interactions with insterstellar dust
11. Oct. Jacopo Chevallard (P) SDSS IV MaNGA - Spatially resolved diagnostic diagrams: A proof that many galaxies are LIERs.
18. Oct. Meiert Grootes
25. Oct. Owen Roberts

November 2016

01. Nov. Ben de Vries
08. Nov. ESA Science Workshop
15. Nov. Regina Rudawska
22. Nov.

Maria Pfeifer, Senior curator at Ars Electronica Futurelab, Linz

Aoife van Linden Tol, Artist, recipient of ESA/Ars Electronica art-science residency

29. Nov. Janine Pforr

December 2016

06. Dec. Lucile Turc
13. Dec. Christopher Tibbs
20. Dec. Jacopo Chevallard


September 2015

29. Sept. C. Schneider (F) Protoplanetary disk eclipses

October 2015

6. Oct. L. Turc (P) Disc dark matter in the Galaxy and potential cycles of extraterrestrial impacts, mass extinctions and geological events
13. Oct. No presentation (JWST workshop)
20. Oct. C. Tibbs (F) Galaxy SEDs
27. Oct. No presentation (Accretion-outflow workshop)

November 2015

3. Nov. O. Roberts (P) Turbulence in the solar wind measured with comet tail test particles
10. Nov. No presentation SRE Science Workshop 8
17. Nov. C. Manara (P) Accretion-induced variability links young stellar objects, white dwarfs, and black holes
24. Nov. New RF candidates

December 2015

1. Dec. J. Chevallard (P) Extended Lyman alpha haloes around individual high-redshift galaxies revealed by MUSE
8. Dec. O. Roberts (F) Vortices in the solar wind
15. Dec. S. Raetz