Scientific Research at ESTEC


ESTEC (the European Space Research and Technology Centre), located in Noordwijk in The Netherlands, is the largest ESA establishment, and provides a unique research environment.  Scientists located at ESTEC cover a broad range of research areas. In addition to those scientists permanently at ESTEC, a number of post-doctoral Research Fellows (RFs) are appointed for periods of 2-3 years.

Currently the following scientists are located at ESTEC. By clicking on individual names you can see more details of their specific scientific activities. A larger list of people (covering all of ESA's science directorate sites) is contained in our Scientific Directory.


Scientists at ESTEC




Solar System Science


Fundamental Physics

Rachana Bhatawdekar (RF)
Jos de Bruijne
Nicolas Crouzet (RF)
Guido De Marchi
Pierre Ferruit
Bernard Foing
Giovanna Giardino
Philippe Gondoin
Matteo Guainazzi
Oliver Hall (RF)
Ana Heras
Gaitee Hussain
Kate Isaak
Oliver Jennrich
Tereza Jerabkova (RF)
Sandor Kruk (RF)
Erik Kuulkers
Rene Laureijs
Theresa Rank-Lüftinger
Mark McCaughrean
Daniel Michalik (RF)
François Mernier (RF)
Göran Pilbratt
Timo Prusti
Jan Tauber


Johannes Benkhoff
Luigi Colangeli
Philippe Escoubet
Bernard Foing
Charlotte Götz (RF)
David Heather
Detlef Koschny
Daniel Müller
Csilla Orgel (RF)
Hans Huybrighs (RF)
Rita Schulz
Elliot Sefton-Nash
Hakan Svedhem
Matt Taylor
Dmitriy Titov
Jorge Vago
Olivier Witasse
Joe Zender



Michele Armano
Luigi Cacciapuoti
Oliver Jennrich
Paul McNamara







  • a list of current and former RFs (for the past 10 years or so) can be found here.
  • A list of Faculty-funded research projects can be found here (restricted access).



To contact any ESTEC D/SCI person by email, please use  first.last at  or