SSO Internal Seminars - 2017 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
16 June 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Jacopo Chevallard Einstein
02 June 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Kate Isaac Einstein
12 May 11:00 Disk evolution from ground and space. Print Abstract Carlo Manara ESCAPE Dance Room
07 April 11:00 Meteoroid flux densities from our Canary Islands meteor cameras CILBO. Print Abstract Detlef Koschny ESCAPE Dance Room
24 March 11:00

Piecing together the St Patrick's Day Storm

Print Abstract Jack Carlyle Einstein
10 March 11:00

Fullerenes, graphenes and PAHs in space and the Diffuse Interstellar Bands

Print Abstract Bernard Foing Einstein
24 February 11:00

X-raying the clumpy winds of giant stars.

Print Abstract Victoria Grinberg Newton1
10 February 15:00-17:00

1. Next genaration of space-based gravity gradiometers and their applications to Earth and Space Science

2. Testing fundamental physics with atomic sensors in space.

Print Abstract

1. O.Carraz

2. L. Cacciapuoti

ESCAPE Dance Room
27 January 11:00 Dawn-Dusk Asymmetries in the Terrestrial Magnetosheath and their Role in Solar Wind - Magnetosphere Coupling. Print Abstract Andrew Dimmock (Aalto University) Newton2
23 January 11:00 Benchmarking transition energies and emission strengths for X-ray astrophysics with measurements at the Livermore EBITs. Print Abstract Natalie Hell (Bamberg and LLNL) DB124
19 January 15:00 How to use the NEOPOP (Near Earth Object Population) simulator Print Abstract Max Mörtl (TU Munich) DB124
13 January 11:00 A statistical study of the interaction of magnetic clouds with the Earth's environment. Print Abstract Lucile Turc Einstein
12 January 11:00 The two faces of AGN - Discovery of a changing-look QSO that returns to the shadows for the second time. Print Abstract Bernd Husemann DB124