SSO Internal Seminars - 2019 Programme

Date Time Title Abstract  Speaker Room
18 January 11:00 Anton Pannekoek and the Development of Early 20th Century Astronomy Print Abstract Chaokang Tai (University of Amsterdam & Utrecht University) Dance Room
01 February 11:00 Mars Express: 15 years of hard work and discoveries Print Abstract Dmitriy Titov Einstein
15 February 11:00 PROBA3 Formation flying to implement a coronagraph Print Abstract Joe Zender Einstein
01 March 11:00 CMB Cosmology and the Legacy of Planck Print Abstract Jan Tauber Einstein
15 March 11:00 TBD Print Abstract TBD Dance Room
29 March 11:00 Measuring galaxy morphology in large surveys Print Abstract Sandor Kruk Dance Room
12 April 11:00 Applications of numerical radiative transfer in the study of star formation Print Abstract Oliver Lomax Dance Room
03 May 11:00 Local compact objects as proxy of early supermassive black holes Print Abstract Ciro Pinto Einstein
17 May 11:00 Searching and characterizing exoplanets from Antarctica Print Abstract Nicolas Crouzet Dance Room
07 June 11:00 TBD Print Abstract TBD Dance Room
21 June 11:00 TBD Print Abstract Hans Huybrighs Einstein