For 2021, the ESAC Seminars and ESTEC Open/Internal Seminars have joined together to form a single virtual SCI-S Seminar series

Information about Open Seminars

Where? When? What?

The seminars will take place at ESTEC in Newton, Einstein or Escape Dance Room, on Friday mornings at 11:00, according to the timetable here.

IF you do not have an ESA BADGE:

Please note that you need to have a visitor's badge to enter the site. If you would like to attend one of the open seminars, please contact Mylene Riemens ( BEFORE you arrive on site (preferably at least one day before). In order to enter the site, you will need to present a valid ID and collect your badge at the ESTEC gatehouse; please allow at least 20 minutes for this.

Instructions for speakers

Speakers are asked to provide the organizers (Timo Prusti) with an abstract and a short biography (PhD topic and institute for RFs, fields of research and interest) at least two weeks before the talk so as we can send out the announcement and update the timetable.

We can provide you with everything required for your presentation: Overhead, video projector, computer, conventional pointer, laser pointer. Please send a note to the organisers to request the material you need, preferably not two minutes before the talk.