Research Fellows


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CURRENT Research Fellows

Rachana Bhatawdekar

High redshift galaxies

Galaxy evolution

Mass function, Luminosity function, Star formation rates, Stellar mass
, UV spectral slopes

Multiwavelength photometry catalogs, SED fitting, Photometric redshifts

Gravitational lensing


Nicolas Crouzet

Exoplanets: detection by transits, observation of atmospheres

Photometric surveys



Astronomy and Astrophysics from Antarctica



Charlotte Götz

Plasma physics, comets, solar wind, magnetic field measurements, magnetometers, data analysis, Projects: Rosetta, Comet Interceptor



Oliver Hall

Asteroseismology of solar-like oscillators

Stellar rotational evolution on the main sequence

Gaussian Processes in the time domain

Hierarchical Bayesian Models

Missions: Gaia parallaxes & colours, and CHEOPS time-series analysis



Hans Huybrighs

Atmospheres and magnetospheric interaction of Europa, Ganymede and Callisto

Simulations of (charged) particle motion in planetary environment

Analysis of charged particle data



Tereza Jerabkova


Stellar populations (in star-clusters, galaxies)

Star clusters

Galaxy evolution

Cosmic star-formation history

Sandor Kruk


Galaxy morphology


François Mernier

Intracluster medium (galaxy clusters, groups, giant elliptical galaxies)

Stellar nucleosynthesis & chemical enrichment

AGN feedback

X-ray spectroscopy


Daniel Michalik

Astrometry (Hipparcos, Tycho-2, Gaia)

Long-period binaries (with sub-stellar components)

Nearby open clusters

Observational astronomy from Antarctica


Csilla Orgel

Planetary geology and mineralogy

Planetary geomorphology (glacial, fluvial, deltaic, volcanic features)


Geospatial analysis of planetary data

Spacecraft surface operations and related planning and optimization



Astronomy/Astrophysics   Planetary Science   Solar/Terrestrial Science   Fundamental Physics

Rachana Bhatawdekar
Nicolas Crouzet
Oliver Hall
Tereza Jerabkova
Sandor Kruk
François Mernier
Daniel Michalik


Hans Huybrighs
Csilla Orgel


  Charlotte Götz









Former Research Fellows of SSO and year of departure

Astronomy/Astrophysics   Planetary Science   Solar/Terrestrial Science   Instrumentation

Alice Zocchi, 2020

Ciro Pinto, 2019

Oliver Lomax, 2019

Janine Pforr, 2019

Meiert Grootes, 2018

Victoria Grinberg, 2018

Jacopo Chevallard, 2017

Christopher Tibbs, 2017

Christian Schneider, 2017

Carlo Manara, 2017

Ben de Vries, 2017

Teresa Antoja, 2016

Stefanie Raetz, 2016

Nora Luetzgendorf, 2015

Kazi Rygl, 2014

Benne Holwerda, 2014

Ágnes Kóspál, 2014

Lauranne Fauvet, 2014

Nicola Da Rio, 2013

Nathan Leigh, 2013

Davide Gandolfi, 2012

Morten Andersen, 2012

Elaine Winston, 2012

Silvia Vicente, 2011

Loredana Spezzi, 2011

Maria Messineo, 2010

Jakob Walcher, 2010

Giacomo Beccari, 2010

Jens Rodman, 2008

Jimmy Paillet, 2008

Bruno Martin Merin, 2008

Jesus Falcon Barroso, 2008

Claudia Isola, 2007

Solan Balman, 2007

David Thi, 2007

Christiane Helling, 2006



Joana Rodrigues de Oliveira, 2020

Lina Hadid, 2019

Ottaviano Ruesch, 2019

Regina Rudawska, 2018

Chrysa Avdellidou, 2018

Emmanuel Grotheer, 2015

Aurelie Guilbert-Lepoutre, 2014

Antonio Garcia, 2015

Sebastien Besse, 2015

Andrea Opitz, 2015

Damien Loizeau, 2012

Arianna Piccialli, 2012

Jan Soucek, 2012

Ruth Ziethe, 2011

Rosario Brunetto, 2010

Sandra Schumacher, 2010

Jessica Agarwal, 2010

Maria Gritsevich, 2010

Fabrice Cipriani, 2010

Pierre Vernazza, 2010

Cyril Simon, 2008

Nicolas André, 2008

Jonathan McCauliffe, 2008

Tra-Mi Ho, 2008

Angelo Rossi, 2008


Owen Roberts, 2018

Jack Carlyle, 2017

Lucile Turc, 2017

Primoz Kajdic, 2014

Andrew Walsh, 2013

Catherine Fischer, 2012

Angels Aran, 2012

Bartolomeo Vitticchie, 2012

Kavita Sharma, 2011

Annette Borg, 2011

Benjamin Grison, 2009

Alexandr Afanasiev, 2010

Arne Asnes, 2008

Claire Vallet, 2007

Olga Malandraki, 2007


Conny Hansson, 2012