Small Solar System bodies at ESTECAnimation of meteor spectrum.

'Small bodies' in the Solar System are asteroids, comets, and meteoroids. A large number of research topics related to these objects are covered at ESTEC. We are always interested in collaborations - Our research team work with senior scientists and postdoctoral researchers, as well as Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. students. If you are interested to work with us at ESA, please contact the individuals listed in the following table or apply through existing programs.

We work on the following topics:

Name Keywords Individual web page
Chrysa Avdellidou Lunar impact flashes; hypervelocity impacts in the laboratory; asteroid families x
Detlef Koschny Meteoroid orbit determination; flux densities; ablation models; hypervelocity impacts; observations of near-Earth objects x
Regina Rudawaska Meteor spectroscopy; meteoroid orbit determination; linking meteoroids to their parent bodies x
Matthew Taylor Rosetta comet mission x
Andrea Toni All-sky fireball cameras -
Olivier Witasse Interaction of meteoroids with the upper atmosphere; Martian moons science x
Joe Zender Meteor spectroscopy; finding meteorites x


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