Content Server Authorisation

Nearly all applications within the Cosmos infrastructure use LDAP as the central database to store the user credentials. Therefore everybody who needs to login into Cosmos (and its related infrastructure) uses their LDAP login details.
However, Content Server (formerly known as Livelink) is not linked with LDAP and due to a limited number of user accounts, we cannot offer every user in LDAP a personal account in Content Server. In most cases users are mapped onto a generic project account if they enter Content Server first via a dedicated URL that is provided by their project website. For some projects, a shared account is given to the teams within a project.

Users with a personal account

If you have a personal account and you can't login into Content Server, the most likely reason is that your Content Server password is not synced properly with your Web Portal (LDAP) password. In that case please go to the CAS Authentication Server and use the link to reset your password.

Users with a mapped account

If you have a mapped account for Content Server, you should never try to login into Content Server via the Content Server login page. The usernames and passwords of mapped accounts are never made public (the user shouldn't know them), you just have to follow a specific URL provided by your project once you are logged in into the web portal.

If you receive a link via email to a document in Content Server, you first need to login into Content Server via the dedicated URL before you click on the link in your email, otherwise you end up at the Content Server login page where you can't login.

Users with a shared account

Some projects (e.g. Rosetta) use shared accounts for their project teams. The login details of those shared accounts are sent to the project team leaders. They should provide you with these details. If you don't know who you project team leader is, please contact the project administrator (details are usually found on the project web site) and not the Content Server administrator.

The Content Server administrator should only be contacted for technical questions about Content Server. Your permissions within Content Server are dealt with by the project administrator.