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The Herschel mission has produced high quality photometry and spectroscopy in the far-infrared and sub-millimetre for more than 3 years. Herschel calibration clearly plays a key role in connecting the groundbased near-infrared calibration (via stars) with groundbased submm/mm calibration (via planets). This workshop will enable Herschel calibration experts and observatory users to gather to assess the current status, successes and shortcomings of the whole set of observing modes available to Herschel and the calibrations performed. It is scheduled to take place around the end of Helium cryogenic phase of the mission and before full consolidation of calibrations and archived observations in a post operational phase. The workshop will therefore provide further feedback into the planning of calibration improvements in the upcoming years so that the Herschel Science Archive has the best calibrated data possible.

The workshop is open to all and we very much welcome participants who are not members of the Herschel instrument calibration teams who have found Herschel calibration issues and/or have developed their own capabilities for calibration and data analysis. We particularly welcome experts involved in calibration of other observatories to investigate further lessons we can learn as we move into the post operations phase of Herschel. The workshop will have Herschel instrument experts who will also provide their assessment of the overall calibration and cross-calibration and future calibration improvement prospects.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

  • A. Noriega-Crespo (Caltech)
  • J. Dempsey (JAC, Hawaii)
  • G. Lagache (U. Paris)
  • J. Mangum (NRAO)
  • I. Yamamura (JAXA)
  • G. Sandell (NASA Ames)
  • B. Vandenbussche (KU Leuven)

Workshop Generalities

Workshop Presentations & Posters


  • A. Marston (Chair)
  • T. Lim
  • B. Schulz
  • T. Mueller
  • J. Blommaert
  • M. Nielbock
  • M. Olberg
  • M. Harwit
  • R. Moreno
  • M. Sanchez Portal
  • B. Merin


  • A. Marston
  • P. García-Lario
  • J. Matagne
  • B. Merín
  • A. Willis