Bruno Merín 

Head of the ESAC Science Data Centre at ESA. Bringing high quality Space Science data (data from the final frontiers) to the people on Earth to help maximing their huge scientific potential. I am also interested in the application of Artificial Intelligence to the scientific data-driven analysis of science data archives.




Javier Durán 

Interested in giving a competitive advantage to the ESDC over other science data centres by building added value services using AI. Focused on providing people with what they need to do science.





Ivan Valchanov 

Instrument and Calibration Scientist for XMM-Newton and previously for Herschel. Interested in machine learning projects for data exploration and data analysis. Currently supervising a ML project on de-noising and super-resolution of XMM-Newton images.





Héctor Cánovas 

Support Archive Scientist and Instrument Scientist for the Gaia mission. Former Research Fellow at the ESA/ESAC Science Data Centre. Interested in the application of Machine Learning tools to explore and discover star associations in large astronomical catalogues, like those hosted by the Gaia Archive.





Antonia Vojtekova

ESA Young Graduate Trainee at the ESAC Science Data Centre. I'm working on a machine learning project to de-noise and enhance HST data and I'm also interested in finding new ways to improve the field of astronomy and astrophysics with machine learning.






Patricio Reller 

Science Trainee working at the ESAC Science Data CentreComing from a background in software engineering, Patricio specializes in the link between data-intensive computer sciences and astronomy. His main ambitions are to enable astronomers to have access to powerful yet simple to use AI tools to aid research, and to push towards a more AI-Driven space exploration in general. He is currently working on the project "Automatic Identification of Astronomical Objects using Deep Learning".





Sam Sweere 

ESA Science Trainee at ESAC Science Data Centre. Working on super-resolution and de-noising of XMM-Newton data. Interested in the application of state-of-the-art AI computer vision algorithms to enable and accelerate new astronomical discoveries.






Sandor is a Research Fellow at ESA, space data scientist with a strong interest in engaging with the public. Member of the Zooniverse team, his drive is to bring a real change and long-lasting impact in space science and in science education.


Pablo García Martín 


PhD student working on Machine Learning projects to get more Science from already existing optical and infrared image collections. Treasure hunting in astronomical data archives. Current projects focus: asteroids and protoplanetary disks.