Dr. Alejandro Cardesín Moinelo

Mars Express and ExoMars Science Operations


Main Research Fields

  • Solar System Exploration
  • Terrestrial Planets: Mars and Venus
  • Planetary Atmospheres
  • Remote Sensing and Spectroscopy
  • Spacecraft and Planetary Geometry
  • Mars Exploration Missions
  • Science Operations Systems

Ongoing collaborations

  • Coordinator of the Spanish Planetary Science & Solar System Exploration Community

Direct collaborations:

  • A. Sanchez Lavega, Universidad Pais Vasco, UPV-EHU
  • M. A. Lopez Valverde, Instituto Astrofisico de Andalucia, IAA Granada
  • G. Piccioni, Istituto Nazionale Astrofisica, INAF-Roma
  • M. Dias Almeida, Univ. Bern, Switzerland
  • M. Giuranna, Istituto Nazionale Astrofisica, INAF-Roma
  • A. García Munoz, Technische Universität Berlin


Project/mission at ESA

  • Mars Express
  • ExoMars
  • Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE)
  • Venus Express
  • Rosetta