Alice Zocchi

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My research focuses on the dynamics of stellar clusters. I am particularly interested in unveiling the complexity of the internal dynamics of globular clusters, where several factors play a role. For example, rotation, pressure anisotropy, external tides, mass segregation, and the presence of an intermediate mass black hole in the centre contribute to shape the observable properties of star clusters. I am including these factors into dynamical models to describe these systems, with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of their formation and evolution. Gaia mission data are an important piece of this puzzle: by providing accurate proper motions for a large number of stars, especially giving information on the outermost regions of the clusters, Gaia enables a deep investigation of the dynamics of these systems.


  • Dynamics of stellar systems

  • Formation and evolution of globular clusters

  • Intermediate-mass black holes in globular clusters

Project/mission at ESA