Antonio Garcia Muñoz

Post-doctoral fellow


Main Research Fields

My research focuses on planetary atmospheres, including topics as diverse as photochemistry, airglow, atmospheric escape, radiative transport, spectroscopy and polarization. I consider myself a theorist/modeler, but I am keen to apply my knowledge and tools in the design/interpretation of observations. Planets of the Solar System I have worked with include Earth, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. Since 1995, it has become evident that the possibilities of planet types are vast and, so, I am very interested in the emerging field of exoplanetary atmospheres. My graduate work on the evaporation of HD 209458b is still used in the investigation of hot Jupiters and other exoplanets under strong irradiation conditions.


  • Nightglow in the Venus atmosphere
  • Lightning in the Solar System
  • Full-disk photometric/polarization lightcurves of (exo)planets
  • The Venus transit, lightcurves and spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy of transiting exoplanets
  • Temperature retrieval from thermal IR spectra

Ongoing collaborations

  • Grupo de Ciencias Planetarias (Agustin Sanchez-Lavega, Ricardo Hueso, Santiago Perez Hoyos)
  • Australian National University (Frank Mills)



ESA Research supervisor

Dmitri Titov