Ben de Vries

Research Fellow @ ESTEC (2015-2017)


Main Research Fields

My scientific interest lies in the study of planet forming disks, planetesimal evolution, astromineralogy, meteorites and Solar System bodies. 

Before working at ESA I worked at the Stockholm Observatory and the Astrobiology Center of Stockholm. Here I collaborated with mineralogists and measured infrared spectra of meteoritic minerals in the laboratory. 

I obtained my PhD at the KU Leuven in Belgium with Hans Van Winckel, Joris Blommaert and Rens Waters. During my PhD I could work on brand new observations from the Herschel Space Observatory, which led to multiple nice publications among which a Nature paper on the comets around Beta Pictoris.

I obtained my MSc in Astrophysics cum laude at the University of Amsterdam under the supervision of Rens Waters and Michiel Min. I did my high school in Groningen in the Netherlands.

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planet formation



Ongoing collaborations

ESTEC: B. Foing, J. Benkhoff

UvA: Rens Waters, Michiel Min, Carsten Dominik, Lucas Ellerbroek

Stockholm University: Alexis Brandeker, Gianni Cataldi

Museum of natural History Stockholm: H. Skogby