Bernard Foing

Senior scientist, Advisor to ESA DG, director ILEWG


Main Research Fields

Planetary science
- Moon/Mars geology and history, impacts

- analysis of SMART-1 and lunar missions data
- analysis of Mars Express (HRSC) and Mars missions data

- Moon-Mars sites for science and exploration
- terrestrial analogues and Earth-Moon-Mars research


- galactic interstellar medium & diffuse interstellar bands,

- fullerenes, PAHs and large organics in space: formation, survival, transport, exposure (biopan-FOTON, Expose-ISS), delivery, sub-surface evolution
- past and future planetary habitability


Solar/Stellar/Exoplanetary science
- Sun as a star, solar like activity in stars: chromospheres, coronae, spots, faculae, flares
- stellar spectroscopy and photometry, variability,  COROT data analysis
- exoplanet characterisation and science , space and ground observations, exoplanetary transits


- space missions, instruments, optics, telescopes, detectors, cameras, spectrometers
- sample analysis, diagnostics of minerals and organics
- cooperative robotics and test-bench of instruments
- astrophysics and space science from the Moon
- Habitats and Laboratories EarthMoonMars


Planetary science: Moon Mars SMART-1 Mars-Express ExoMars

Astrobiology: diffuse interstellar bands, fullerenes, PAHs, Expose-ISS

Solar/Stellar/Exoplanetary: science Sun stars activity variability spectroscopy photometry exoplanet

Techniques: space missions, instruments, cameras, spectrometers, sample analysis, robotics, Habitats

Ongoing collaborations

Ongoing collaborations  on Interdisciplinary projects:
- PI: ExoGeoLab, ExoHab, EuroMoonMars
- MoonVillage collaborations
- SMART-1 science team, Mars-Express HRSC team, ExoMars PanCam team, COROT team
- Astrobiology and Moon-Mars terrestrial analogues (Leiden, VU Amsterdam, NASA Ames, ...)
- Young professional training:  Research Prof. VU Amsterdam & Florida Tech; Guest Prof. at ISU, ISAE Supaero, Artscience interfaculty The Hague


Refereed Publications:

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Proceedings publications by B.H. Foing:

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ILEWG, EuroMoonMars and ExoGeoLab publications:

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Project/mission at ESA

Projects/tasks at ESA

Project scientist: SMART-1 ( , refereed papers on

Co-I: SOHO, XMM, COROT, EXPOSE Organics on FOTON & ISS, BIOMEX on ISS,  Mars-Express HRSC 

ExoMars PanCam

PI: ExoGeoLab, ExoHab, EuroMoonMars

Study scientist: SIMURIS interferometer, MORO, EuroMoon Lander, Lunar lander LES3 2005, Moon Village studies (2010 - now)

Elected president , ESTEC Staff Association Committee (2012-2017)


Committees membership:

IAF International Astronautical Federation 

IAF ITACCUS Socio Cultural Utilisation of Space (vice-chair),

IAF Space Exploration,

COSPAR , COSPAR PEX Planetary Exploration Panel,

COSPAR B planetary & B2 Moon sub-committee (vice-chair), 

EGU PS Planetary Science (terrestrial planets officer) ;  

IAA International Academy of Astronautics (full elected member), IAU