Danny Lennon



Main Research Fields

Massive stars and star clusters, stellar evolution, stellar dynamics. I am interested in bringing together state-of-the-art observations with theory to address fundamental problems in massive star evolution, their impact on the their environment, galactic evolution and the early Universe.


  •  Massive stars
  •  Star clusters
  •  Stellar evolution
  •  Stellar dynamics

Ongoing collaborations

  • An HST study of proper motions of massive stars in the Tarantula Nebula and isolated massive stars in the Galactic Center (with Roeland van der Marel, Jay Anderson, Elena Sabbi, (STScI); Luigi Bedin, (Padua), Chris Evans, (ATC, Edinburgh), Selma de Mink (STScI/Amsterdam))
  • A VLT-FLAMES spectroscopic survey of massive stars and binaries in the Tarantula Nebula and HST spectroscopy of massive stars in the core of R136 (with Chris Evans, ATC, Edinburgh; Paul Crowther (Sheffield); Hugues Sana (STScI))
  • Stellar Winds at low Z including HST UV spectroscopy of massive stars in metal poor nearby dwarf galaxies. (with Miriam Garcia, Paco Najarro (CAB, Madrid); Artemio Herrero (IAC, Tenerife)
  • Mid-IR studies of massive stars in nearby galaxies (Alceste Bonanos, (NOA, Athens))

Project/mission at ESA

Head of Science Operations Division