Frank Tramper

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My research focusses on several aspect of massive star evolution. I'm an expert in modeling stellar spectra using state-of-the art model atmosphere codes. 

My research focusses on the very late stages of evolution (Wolf-Rayet stars), massive binaries, mass loss, and evolution at low metallicity.


  • Wolf-Rayet stars
  • Massive binaries
  • Mass loss
  • Massive stars at low metallicities

Ongoing collaborations

  • The VLT/FLAMES Tarantula Survey (VFTS): A multi-epoch ESO Large Programme targeting about a 1000 massive stars in the 30 Doradus region (Tarantula nebula)
  • The Tarantula Massive Binary Monitoring (TMBM) project: A 30-epoch VFTS follow-up of 102 massive binaries in the 30 Doradus region
  • Southern Massive Stars at High Angular Resolution (SMASH+): An interferometric programme on VLTi/PIONEER and VLT/NACO (SAM) to detect interferometric companions to all nearby Southern O-type stars


A list of my publications can be found here.