Georgina Graham

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

Heliophysicist specialising in the study of solar wind electron populations. 

I am interested in the kinetic-scale physics of the electrons themselves, how the different electron populations evolve through the heliosphere, and how these electrons can be used to inform on the thermodynamics and large-scale structures of the solar wind. My other work has included the study of interplanetary magnetic field structures and solar energetic particles. 







Strahl, which means beam in German, is the name given to a strongly field‐aligned electron population commonly observed in the solar wind. The figure above shows observations of strahl beam-width with heliocentric radial distance. In the body of work associated with this figure, data from the Cassini mission to Saturn was used to acquire observations of strahl beams over the largest heliocentric distance range to date. 













Solar wind

Interplanetary magnetic field 


Wave-particle interactions 



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Project/mission at ESA

Solar Orbiter



Member of the ESA Heliophysics Group

Lead Organiser for the ESA Solar Wind Electron Workshop


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