Jacopo Chevallard

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

I am primarily interested in studies of stellar populations and the interstellar medium of galaxies, to constrain the way in which galaxies formed and evolved in a broad cosmological context. In particular, I am interested in developing new tools to improve estimates of galaxy physical parameters from observed spectral energy distributions by means of spectral evolution models. During my PhD, I explored different topics in this area, such as the influence of galaxy inclination and of the spatial distribution of dust and stars on the attenuation of starlight by dust;  the interpolation of libraries of observed stellar spectra; and the influence of changes in the initial mass function and in chemical abundances on integrated galaxy spectra. I am also interested in applying advanced statistical methods, such as Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Machine Learning algorithms (e.g. Gaussian Random Process) and Monte Carlo methods, to improve the exploitation of current and future large galaxy surveys.


  • galaxy formation and evolution
  • dust attenuation
  • SED fitting
  • astrostatistics (Bayesian methods, machine learning)

Ongoing collaborations

  • ESA - ESTEC (Pierre Ferruit)
  • IAP - Paris (Stephane Charlot, Joe Silk, Ben Wandelt)
  • Observatoire de Paris (Andrea Cattaneo)
  • IAG/USP - Sao Paulo (Paula Coelho)
  • JHU - Baltimore (Tamas Budavari)


Refereed publications (link to ADS)

Project/mission at ESA



Phone: +31 (0) 71 56 54175

Office: Db117A

E-mail: jchevall@cosmos.esa.int

Personal Website: http://www.jacopochevallard.org