Janine Pforr

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My research is focussed around studying the formation and evolution of galaxies through their stellar population properties, such as age, dust reddening, stellar mass and star formation rate (SFR). I am an expert in spectral energy distribution fitting (the comparison of modelled galaxy spectra with a number of broad-band photometric data) to derive those properties and have extensive experience with large, multi-wavelength surveys. I’m particularly interested in the star-formation and dust properties of high redshift galaxies (z>~2) as well as the process of star formation quenching.
I have been and continue to be an integral part of major, international collaborations such as SDSSIII/BOSS (in the past), CANDELS, CANDELS-Herschel, SERVS/DEEPDRILL and VUDS.


  • galaxy evolution
  • stellar population properties of galaxies (i.e. stellar mass, age, star formation rate)
  • spectral energy distribution fitting
  • high-redshift galaxies
  • multi-wavelength surveys
  • optical/near-IR astronomy (photometry and spectroscopy)


Ongoing collaborations

  • CANDELS collaboration (Cosmic Assembly Near-IR Deep Extragalactic Legacy Survey, PIs: H. Ferguson, STScI, USA; S. Faber, UC Santa Cruz, USA)
  • CANDELS-Herschel collaboration (Herschel observations of the COSMOS and UDS CANDELS fields, PI: M. Dickinson, NOAO, USA)
  • SERVS/DEEPDRILL collaboration (Spitzer Extragalactic Representative Volume Survey, PI: M. Lacy, NRAO, USA)
  • VUDS collaboration (Vimos Ultra Deep Survey, PI: O. Le Fevre, LAM, France)
  • Claudia Maraston (ICG, University of Portsmouth, UK)
  • Pierre Ferruit (JWST project scientist, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)


Publications on ADS

Project/mission at ESA



Since my undergraduate studies I am passionate about Astronomy Public Outreach. Within CANDELS I lead the Education and Public Outreach working group and am a frequent contributor to the CANDELS blog.