Japheth Yates

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

I’m interested in comparative planetology. My main areas of focus concern the coupling between planetary magnetospheres, their upper atmospheres and the solar wind, as well as magnetohydrodynamic waves present in these magnetospheres. I have investigated these processes and phenomena at Jupiter and Saturn. It is useful to compare conditions and processes at these planets to those at Earth in order to fully understand the underlying physics.


Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere coupling
Gas giant planets
Magnetospheric physics
Plasma physics
Atmospheric circulation models

Ongoing collaborations

N. Achilleos, P. Guio, University College London, UK
L. Ray, Lancaster University, UK
M. Dougherty, A. Masters, D. Southwood, Imperial College London, UK
A. Sulaiman, University of Iowa, USA
M. Kivelson, University of California Los Angeles, USA
S. Cowley, G. Provan, University of Leicester, UK

CASSINI - Magnetometer (PI: M. Dougherty)

Project/mission at ESA