Lina Hadid

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

Study of micro- and macro-physical processes in space plasmas:

  • Turbulence properties in the solar wind and the planetary magnetosheaths (Earth and Saturn).
  • Solar wind acceleration and heating processes.
  • Nature of the plasma waves in different plasma environements and conditions.
  • Electrodynamic interaction between icy moons (Enceladus) and gad giants (Saturn).
  • Ambipolar diffusion process in the presence of charged dusty grains.

Study of planetary upper atmospheres (Saturn):

  • Properties of the ionosphere of Saturn (plasma density, temperature,...)
  • Electrodyanmic interaction between the ionosphere of Saturn and its main rings.
  • Wave characteristics




Plasma physics, planetary science, solar wind, planetary magnetospheres, icy moons, dusts, in-situ fields and particle measurements, data analysis

Ongoing collaborations

  • Ambipolar diffusion process in the presence of dusty grains (W. M. Farrell, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, M. Morooka, J-E. Wahlund, IRF, Sweden, S.-Ye and A. Persoon, Iowa University, USA).
  • JUICE mission (O. Witasse, project scientist, ESTEC).
  • BepiColombo mission (D. Delcourt, Co-PI on the Mass Spectrometer, LPC2E, France).
  • Field Aligned Currents and ionospheric conductivities during the Cassini Grand Finale (O. Shebanits, Imperial College London, UK).
  • Magnetic holes in the solar wind and Saturn's magnetosheath (T. Karlsson, KTH, Sweden, M. Morooka, IRF, Sweden).
  • Turbulence in Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections (ICMEs) (M. Janvier and D. Fontaine, IAS and LPP, France).
  • Turbulence in Titan’s induced magnetosphere (C. Bertucci, IAFE, Argentina).
  • Compressible turbulence at the MHD and the kinetic scales (F. Sahraoui, N. Andres, S. Galtier, LPP, France).



A selection of publications:

M. W. Morooka, J.-E. Wahlund, L. Z. Hadid, A. I. Eriksson, N. J. T. Edberg, E. Vigren, D. J. Andrews, A. M. Persoon, W. S. Kurth, D. A. Gurnett, W. M. Farrell, J. H. Jr Waite, R. Perryman, M. Perry. Saturn’s Dusty Ionosphere, (2019). Journal of Geophysical Research, 45. DOI:10.1029/2018JA026154.

L. Z. Hadid, M. W. Morooka, J.-E. Wahlund, A. M. Persoon, D. J. Andrews, O. Shebanits, W. S. Kurth, E. Vigren, N. J. T. Edberg, A. F. Nagy, and A. I. Eriksson. Saturn’s ionosphere: Electron density altitude profiles and D ring electrodynamic interaction from the Cassini Grand Finale (2018). Geophysical Research Letters, 45. DOI:10.1029/2018GL078004.

L. Z. Hadid, M. W. Morooka, J.-E. Wahlund, L. Moore, T. E. Cravens, M. M. Hedman, N. J. T. Edberg, E. Vigren, W. S. Kurth, W. M. Farrell, and A. I. Eriksson. A and B ring shadowing effects on Saturn’s ionosphere: Implications for ring opacity and plasma transport processes (2018). Geophysical Research Letters, 45. DOI:10.1029/2018GL079150.

L. Z. Hadid, and F. Sahraoui, and S. Galtier and S. Y. Huang. (2018). “Compressible isothermal MHD turbulence: estimation of the energy cascade rate in the Earth magnetosheath using in-situ spacecraft data.” Physical Review Letters, Volume 120. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.120.055102. **ESA Press Release**

W. M. Farrell, L. Z. Hadid, M. W. Morooka, J.-E. Wahlund, W. S. Kurth, R. J., MacDowall, A. H. Sulaiman, A. M. Persoon, W. S., Gurnett, D. A. (2018). Saturn’s Plasma Density Depletions Along Magnetic Field Lines Connected to the Main Rings. Geophysical Research Letters, 45. DOI:10.1029/2018GL078137.

N. Andrés, F. Sahraoui, S. Galtier, L. Z. Hadid and P. Dmitruk and P. D. Mininni (2018). “Compressible energy cascade rate in isothermal compressible magnetohydrodynamics turbulence”, Journal of Plasma Physics, Volume 84, Issue 4. DOI:10.1017/S0022377818000788.

J.-E. Wahlund and M. W. Morooka and L. Z. Hadid, and A. M. Persoon and W. M. Farrell and D. A. Gurnett and G. Hospodarsky and W. S. Kurth and S.-Y. Ye and D. J. Andrews and N. J. T. Edberg and A. I. Eriksson and E. Vigren. (2017). “Saturn’s Ionosphere - Dynamic and Interactive with the Rings.” Science. DOI:10.1126/science.aao4134.

L. Z. Hadid, and F. Sahraoui, and S. Galtier. (2017). “Energy cascade rate in compressible fast and slow solar wind turbulence.” The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 838, Number 9. DOI:10.3847/1538-4357/aa603f.

S. Y. Huang and L. Z. Hadid, and F. Sahraoui, and Z. G. Yuan, and X. H. Deng. (2017). “On the Existence of the Kolmogorov Inertial Range in Terrestrial Magnetosheath Turbulence.” Astrophysical Journal Letters, Volume 836, Number 1, L10. DOI:10.3847/2041-8213/836/1/L10.

Project/mission at ESA

JUICE: JUpiter ICy moon Explorer.