Lucile Turc

Research Fellow (2014-2017)


Main Research Fields

My research focuses on the magnetic clouds, which are huge flux ropes ejected from the Sun during violent eruptions, and how they interact with the Earth's environment. I am particularly interested in the role played by the outer regions of the geospace, the bow shock and the magnetosheath. I am investigating how the properties of magnetic clouds change across these regions and how this affects their interaction with the magnetosphere and the development of geomagnetic storms.


  • Magnetic clouds
  • Solar wind-magnetospheric coupling
  • Bow shock
  • Magnetosheath
  • Space weather
  • Interplanetary coronal mass ejections
  • Cluster mission

Ongoing collaborations

  • Philippe Escoubet (ESTEC, The Netherlands)
  • Dominique Fontaine (LPP, France)
  • Emilia Kilpua (University of Helsinki, Finland)
  • Laurianne Palin (IRF-U, Sweden)
  • Primoz Kajdic (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)
  • Andrew Dimmock (Aalto University, Finland)


Link to ADS

Project/mission at ESA


Other info

CV (as of February 2017)

From 15 March 2017, I am taking up a new position at the Department of Physics of the University of Helsinki as a Marie Curie Fellow.