Mark Kidger

Herschel Community Support Group/Faculty Sentinel


Main Research Fields

Main interests: blazars, comets, TNOs

Currently working on:

The 2015/16 outburst of the blazar OJ287

Cometary light curves, particularly long-term behaviour and the correlation between visual magnitude estimates and CCD photometry and techniques for improving cometary CCD photometry.

Particularly interested in light curves and variability (especially outbursts of quasars and comets).


Solar system studies (comets, TNOs)

Active Galactic Nuclei (quasars/blazars)

Ongoing collaborations

Mauri Valtonen (Tuorla Observatory) and the OJ287 international monitoring team.

Herschel HSSO collaboration

Herschel TNOs are Cool collaboration

Euclid TNO collaboration



My publications

Project/mission at ESA