Martin Voelker

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My scientific objective is to study the geography of (peri)-glacial, fluvial, and lacustrine landforms on Mars. By analyzing their distribution it is possible to reveal relations and information, which are only visible from a wider perspective. During my PhD thesis I studied Hellas Planitia, the deepest and one of the largest impact basins on Mars, and the role of water in its history and present age. For that, I applied the so-called grid-mapping approach, in order to quantify the distribution of landforms within this basin.
I believe that understanding Earth is strongly related to the exploration of other planets: By studying other worlds we are able to test all of our geoscientific knowledge gained here on Earth. This is also the reason why I like to advocate space sciences in public, as I would like to demonstrate that it is not as notional and fictional as often thought.


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