Ralf Kohley

Euclid Instrument operations scientist


Main Research Fields

My main research interest is in scientific instrumentation for the optical and short-wavelength infra-red (SWIR) wavelength regimes, and especially in its corresponding detector system technology. In particular:

  • CCD and CMOS detector and detector system technology
  • SWIR detector and detector system technology
  • Novel detectors and applications in space
  • Radiation effects on detectors in space
  • Detector operation modes and optimisation techniques
  • Optical and SWIR instrumentation and supporting technology
  • Instrumentation and observation techniques for Exo-planet detection


  • CCD and CMOS
  • SWIR detectors
  • Instrumentation and observation techniques
  • Exo-planets

Ongoing collaborations

  • Gaia SOC calibration team
  • ESA Cross-mission collaborations with Euclid, ArielGaia, PLATO, CHEOPS
  • Science detector test facilities at ESTEC



Project/mission at ESA

Euclid and Ariel