Rene Laureijs

project scientist


Main Research Fields

I am interested in the physics of interstellar dust, the related physical processes, and - most importantly - the observational implications. On that basis I have been involved in research projects observing dusty targets in the interstellar medium of the Galaxy and in other galaxies, dust polarization, debris disks, etc. These studies were done using infrared and submillimetre facilities like IRAS, ISO and Planck. Due to my involvement in Planck, observational cosmology became an important component of my research - where in fact dust can be a probe or nuisance! At present, I devote most of my time to the Euclid mission, with personal research interest in extended structures in the optical and near-infrared, galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution, and infrared spectroscopy of high redshift targets. There is also a growing interest to investigate solar system objects which are uniquely observable with Euclid, I am glad to be closely involved in this fascinating opportunity.


  • cosmic dust
  • observational cosmology
  • galaxy evolution
  • solar system objects

Project/mission at ESA