Richard Marsden

Heliophysicist (-2013)


Main Research Fields

My main functional role at ESTEC is Mission Manager/Project Scientist for Ulysses. I am also Study Scientist for Solar Orbiter. My scientific interests are related to the heliosphere and heliophysics in general and include: energetic particle acceleration and propagation, anomalous cosmic ray studies (in particular, latitudinal gradients). I work primarily (but not exclusively) with data from the COSPIN Low Energy Telescope instrument on Ulysses, which I helped to design.


  • Investigating the origin and transport of solar and interplanetary energetic particles in the 3-D heliosphere
  • Using composition measurements to investigate the origin of particles accelerated in transient and recurrent solar wind flows
  • Investigating the effect of the Sun's magnetic cycle on the transport of anomalous cosmic rays



Project/mission at ESA

Ulysses, Solar Orbiter