Rickbir Singh Bahia

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My main area of research is Martian geomorphology, through the geographic information systems analysis of remote sensing datasets returned by satellites. Specifically, I analyse and utilise Martian valley networks as a tool to identify areas of topographic modifcation, and infer the fluvial conditions at their time of formation. 


Mars, Martian valleys, fluvial, glacial. 

Ongoing collaborations

Anna G. Galofre - University of Arizona
Lisanne Braat - ESTEC
Merren Jones - University of Manchester
Neil Mitchell - University of Manchester
Stephen Covey-Crump - University of Manchester
Aarhus Mars Simulation Wind Tunnel - Aarhus University


B. P. Kokelaar, R. S. Bahia, K. H. Joy, S. Viroulet and J. M. N. T. Gray. 2017. Granular avalanches on the Moon: Mass‐wasting conditions, processes, and features. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets. 122:1893-1925.

R. S. Bahia, M. Jones, N. Mitchell and S. Covey-Crump. 2018. The Evolution of Surface Topography and Environment of Mars from channel networks. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. 49th: 2083.

R. S. Bahia, M. Jones, N. Mitchell and S. Covey-Crump. 2019. The Application of Hack’s Law and Flint’s Law to Martian Valley Networks and Its Implications for the Noachian Climate. Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. 50th: 1197.

A. G. Galofre, R. Bahia, M. Jellinek and K. X. Whipple. 2019. Evaluating the maturity of the Martian valley networks using models of fluvial erosion. AGU 2019.

J. F. Pernet-Fisher, T. Harvey, M. Lo, E. Carter and R. S. Bahia. 2020. The Cosmic Cast: Communicating Planetary Sciences to General Audiences, Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. 51th: 1378.

R. S. Bahia and M. Jones. 2020. The subjectivity in identification of Martian channel networks and its implication for citizen science projects. Earth, Moons and Planets, 123 (2). DOI: 10.1007/s11038-020-09530-y

A. G. Galofre, R. Bahia, M. Jellinek, K. X. Whipple and R. Gallo. 2020. Did Martian valley networks substantially modify the landscape? Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 547(5): 116482. DOI: 10.1016/j.epsl.2020.116482

R. S. Bahia, A. G. Galofre, S. Covey-Crump, M. Jones and N. Mitchell. 2021. Discordance Mapping of Argyre Basin: An insight into the fluvial and subglacial origin of valley networks in southern Mars.  Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. 52th: 2548.

Project/mission at ESA

ExoMars Rover - Simulation Officer.