Sergio Toledo Redondo

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

My main research area includes magnetic reconnection in space plasmas, with a focus on solar wind/magnetosphere coupling and particle energisation. In particular, I study the role of cold ions in magnetic reconnection and the new length scale that they introduce.
I am also interested in atmospheric electricity, in particular in waves inside the Earth-ionosphere cavity such as Schumann resonances or atmospherics.


  • Magnetic reconnection
  • Cold ions
  • Solar wind/magnetosheath/magnetosphere coupling
  • Schumann resonances
  • Global lightning

Ongoing collaborations

  • M. Andre, A. Vaivads, Yu. V. Khotyaintsev (Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala, Sweden).
  • B. Lavraud, Y. Vernisse (Institute de la Recherche en Astronomie et Planetologie, Toulouse, France).
  • N. Aunai, A. Retino, O. LeContel, H. Breuillard (Laboratoire de Physique des plasmas, Paris, France).
  • A. Salinas, J. Porti, J. Fornieles (Universidad de Granada, Spain).

Project/mission at ESA

  • Solar Orbiter
  • Cluster
  • THOR