Tereza Jerabkova

Research Fellow


Main Research Fields

What are the initial conditions of star-formation? Is the formation of stars and of star clusters affected by the properties of their birth environment such as the metallicity or mass density?  What is the role of tides and shears driven by the galactic gravitational potential? How different is star-formation in the Milky Way relative to other distant galaxies?
--- These are the key questions I intent to address in the next years. 
To do so I am working with photometric and astrometric data for nearby star-forming regions and  star-clusters (taking a great advantage of the Gaia mission and hopefully JWST soon as an associate in the NIRSpec GTO team "star formation in the local group", PI: Guido de Marchi). To be able to understand and interpret the observations correctly I run N-body (Nbody6, PeTar, AMUSE) and stellar populations modeling (PEGASE, GalIMF, EMILES).  I am using results from these (and other empirical) studies of well resolved regions/clusters in the Milky Way to build-up stellar populations in distant galaxies, cluster by cluster, while considering their birth environment using the GalIMF code  (https://github.com/Azeret/galIMFthat I am co-developing.  This approach allows to connect the small pc-scales where the physics of star formation (feedback, stellar winds) acts to stellar populations and properties of whole galaxies up to cosmic scales. 
Latest research news: 
Gaia restults on the closest star cluster, the Hyades:
Recent research blog contribution on the monsters in the early Universe: 


- star-formation

- stellar populations (in star-clusters, galaxies)

- star clusters 

- galaxy evolution

- cosmic star-formation history

Ongoing collaborations

ESA (Guido De Marchi, Jos de Bruijne, Timo Prusti, Oliver Hall)

ESO (Giacomo Beccari, Henri Boffin)

Charles University in Prague/ Univeristy of Bonn (Stellar populations: Zhiqiang Yan, Nbody researach group: Pavel Kroupa, Ladislav Subr, Frantisek Dinnbier)

IAC Tenerife (Alejandro Vazdekis, Ignacio Martin Navarro, Pablo Rodriguez Beltran)

Astronomical Institute, Ondrejov (Petr Kabath)




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Personal webpage: https://sites.google.com/view/tereza-jerabkova/home