How to apply

Deadline for the 2020 applications expected for November 2020.

The application procedure is to fill in the Online Application Form linked up from the Official ESA Vacancy Notice (that will be available with the official opening) and upload 3 documents:

  • CV including list of publications;

  • Motivation Letter;

  • Research Proposal.

Further information to be provided in the online application form:

  • Contact information of three referees;

  • Prioritised list of the establishments (ESAC, ESTEC, or STScI) where you are willing to work.

The research proposal needs to give a record of

  • Past achievements

  • Future plans

  • ​​​​​​​Links to activities at ESA

​​​​​Conciseness is important, and we request a page limit of 4 pages. As for all applications, we recommend to keep in mind that review committees consist of members with diverse areas of expertise. Therefore the research proposal should emphasise its relevance in a broader context, and should be written for a group of astronomers, planetary and space scientists with wide-ranging interests.

To aid the structuring, we provide a Word template and a LaTeX template.

The evaluation criteria are

  1. ​​​​​​​Scientific value

  2. Feasibility (e.g. schedule)

  3. Links to ESA existing research activities in the department

  4. Past and potential future productivity (publications, expected impact of publishable results).

​​​​​​Especially for point 3., it is highly recommended to establish contacts with department members working in your area and to already prepare potential collaboration activities. Diverse collaboration activities are encouraged. Note that the selection of a mentor, which will be done at the start of the fellowship, is independent of the proposed scientific collaborations.

Changes compared to previous calls:

  • While science contacts should be established beforehand, the selection of a mentor will be done at the start of the fellowship.​​​

  • Research proposal: No more word limits for individual sections but 4 page global limit

  • Reference Letters: Only contact details needed; we will requested them for high-ranking candidates

  • It is possible to provide a prioritised list of establishments.​​​​​​​