Research budget, conferences

Research expenses for ESA Research Fellows, such as publication charges, observing trips and attendance to conferences, are covered by the research budget of the Science Support office and the Science Operations department, respectively. Fellows can usually attend three international conferences each year, provided that they have important new results to present. Participation at observing campaigns or research visits can be funded.

Research Fellows have also access to the Science Visitor Programme and can invite external collaborators to spend time at ESTEC or ESAC, funded by the ESA Faculty, to work with them.

Research Fellows at ESAC can also mentor undergraduate or Master's student trainees. See ESAC traineeship programme.

Fellows are encouraged to join existing research activities or start new ones in collaboration with staff members. Activities that will require substantial amount of additional funding (e.g. flight hardware contrbutions) undergo assessment by the science faculty and will be decided case-by-case.