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Science WORKING Team

The SMILE Science Study Team (SST) has been meeting every few months since the mission was chosen for the initial study phase, normally at ESA ESTEC with teleconference participation from China. The SST is made up of the mission and payload PIs and Co-Is, and the ESA's Study Scientist; the participation is extended to instrument developers, ESA and CAS scientists, engineers and managers as required by the issues being examined. One of the main tasks of the SST is to develop and maintain the SMILE Science Requirement Document, which describes the mission science objectives and science requirements, and to ensure that the derived performance requirements for the payload will enable delivering the science expected from SMILE. After the adoption of the SMILE mission by both CAS and ESA, the SST is now called Science Working Team (SWT).

SMILE definition study report (Red Book), published 17 December 2018, can be downloaded here