1st meeting, 06+07 Feb 2014

After a number of preparatory meetings going back to 2010, the first formal meeting of the group took place in Feb 2014 at ESOC in Darmstadt. For a summary of this meeting, navigation to 'Summary 1st Meeting' in the menu on the left.

2nd meeting, 12+13 Jun 2014 

It was agreed to have the second meeting in Jun 2014 in Vienna, linked to the UN COPUOS sessions. The meeting has focussed on the exchange of information on relevant activities in the field of NEO hazard mitigation and on the future work plan. For details see the separate menu item 'Summary 2nd SMPAG meeting'.

3rd Meeting (Steering Committee only), 06 feb 2015

This meeting took place in the margins of UN COPUOS.

4th MEETING, 09+10 Apr 2015 

The 3rd SMPAG meeting took place on 09+10 Apr 2015 at ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. The  Planetary Defense Conference 2015 took place the week after the SMPAG meeting, also at ESRIN.

5th Meeting (steering committee Only), 10 Nov 2015 

The 2nd SMPAG steering committee took place in the Residence Inn, National Harbor, MD, USA, in the margins of the DPS conference 2015.

6th meeting,  16 Feb 2016

This meeting took place in Vienna in the margins of the COPUOS STSC session.

7th meeting, 14 Oct 2016

The meeting took place just before the DPS/EPSC meetings in Pasadena, USA